Tea Benefits For Fat Loss(Tea Health Benefits)

“Holy tea time!”. Said in a obnoxious, “not again”, tone of voice. You see “holy tea time” , refers to drinking tea at night or better yet, what I’ve deem to be the time that I drink tea after dinner. Now, of course, it didn’t start this way. As a matter of fact, my mother started this whole “holy tea time”. You see ever since I was a little (and handsome may I add) kid, my mother was always drinking tea.

As a matter of fact, she was the first person I knew (well aside from the obvious) that drank tea and I always wondered why.

Then my sisters got into tea and tea drinking became a nightly event. Now it got the point that I started clowning and calling it “holy tea time”, because everyone was looking forward to drinking tea. As I started growing up I slowly got into tea and who would of thunk that the health benefits of tea are off the chain?.

Don’t get it twisted dog

queen_latifah(I Don’t Need Your Approval For Holy Tea)

From the get, most people think tea is tea but that’s false. There’s actually only four forms of tea

  • Black


  • White


  • Green


  • Oolong (red)


Now the color of the tea depends on the degree of processing that the leaves undergo. Black tea is fully fermented, oolong is partially fermented, green isn’t fermented and white is barely touched.

(Did you know that black tea is 78% of the total tea consumed in the world and green tea accounts of 20% leaving oolong and red to split the leftover 2%)

Sure the processing changes the chemical makeup of the teas but that doesn’t mean the darker tea aren’t packed with health benefits.

Tea Health Benefits

The benefits of tea come from polyphenols which are powerful anticancer antioxidants. Polyphenols help to protect cells from the damaging process know as oxidative stress. When oxidative stress is high, free radicals are present in the body which can bodyslam us and lead to heart disease and cancer like Hulk slamming Andre.

hulkandre(Take That Cancer)

So that’s the big tea benefit for health and fat loss but what about some more specifics?

1) Black tea can help reverse the abnormal functioning of blood vessels that can lead to stroke or heart attack. Improvement in the blood vessels has been visible within two hours of drinking one cup of black tea.

2) In a study of 109 women, high black tea intake has led to diminished salivary level of 17 beta-estradiol. Which is the most powerful esterogen hormone and the one that can carcinogenic in hormone-related caners. (Lower levels of this hormone were also reported in women drinking green tea)

3) Black tea is very potent for lowering “bad” cholesterol, which is associated with one of the top three killers in the world today, heart disease. Plus, increased blood flow in the coronary arteries was seen in only a few hours post tea.

I’m excited about this one

4) A study done at the Cancer Chemotherapy Center in Tokyo demonstrated, using leukemia and colon cancer cell cultures that EGCG (found in high amounts in green tea and possibly white tea) “strongly and directly inhibits telomerase”. Telomerase is the enzyme that maintains cancer cell life by maintaining the end portion of the tumor cell chromosomes. Basically, green tea knocked cancer cells out.


So those are all good benefits of tea and I could go on forever but I’ll wrap it up with this. Numerous studies have shown the connection between green tea and decreased inflammation, oxidation and Alzheimer’s disease. A recent study that was done by a independent third party and appeared in the Life Extension magazine reported that white tea leads to a decrease in adipogenesis, which is basically the maturation of fat cells. Plus we’ve just become to understand the strength of oolong tea.

You see, tea benefits range from small to very large so don’t ignore tea health benefits, have your “holy tea” . Thanks mom.


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  1. Barry Honeycombe
    9 years ago

    Interesting article. I regularly drink Green & White tea. I wonder if the changes in the UK\’s tea drinking habits are correlated with the increase in cancers. We used to drink tea all the time, we are now much more a coffee-culture. Interesting thought?

  2. Andre
    9 years ago

    Cool stuff! I’ve been drinking tea all my life and I’m sure it’s one of many ways to stay healthy. Is there any chance you can cite some of your sources for research? I’d like to read through it.

    Otherwise, great article.

  3. admin
    9 years ago

    @ Barry,
    I think so. I mean tea is one of those things that has gotten pushed out with Starbucks and other coffee shops on the rise. Sadly, a very healthy option is gone.

  4. Jack
    9 years ago


    In the past I recall certain mentions of possible issues with tea consumption and fluoride depending upon the type of tea, source, and conditions in which the leaves were cultivated. Are you aware of any issues related to tea consumption and fluoride. The major benefits of various teas are undeniable, so I am just curious if you\\\’ve ever read anything on this front that possibly gave you slight pause or more.

    On a quick side note, do you ever drink Rooibos tea?

    Thank you for the quality content!

  5. admin
    9 years ago

    Heard of that but if you’re buying good quality brands then it shouldn’t be a problem especially since tea is pretty cheap to produce. Never drank Rooibos.

  6. Glitter
    9 years ago

    please i want to say i love your articule on tea,becouse is a fast way of keeping with your diet in the mornings no matter how busy you are,but my question is,is it every black tea you come across or there is a paticuler black tea,since we have black coffee also as black tea.

  7. smitj
    9 years ago

    Interesting Post.Thanks for sharing useful informations.Keep it up.

  8. Tony Suvie
    9 years ago


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