The 20 Best Fat Loss Rules

Do What You’ve Always Done, Get What You’ve Always Got…

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In no specific order

  1. More protein. Why does it work? Increased protein intake increases levels of peptide YY, a hormone produced by the gut cells that tells the brain to decrease hunger and increase satiety.
  2. Don’t fear carbs. Carbohydrates aren’t the reason why you have a gut. You have a gut because you consumed way too many calories for way too long. You can lose weight with carbohydrates, you just need to choose the right one.
  3. Choose slower digesting carbohydrates. Whole wheat breads and pasta, oatmeal, rice. These carbohydrates should be the staple of a fat loss diet. They’ll stabilize blood sugar while providing sufficient energy for you train hard enough.
  4. Load up on almonds. Loma Linda University found that subjects that consumed the majority of their fat from almonds lost more fat around their stomach then did subjects who did consume almonds.
  5. Choose grass fed. Grass fed meat contains higher levels of CLA and omega-3’s, fats that help our body to burn stomach fat and increase lean muscle.
  6. Avocados rock. Filled with monounsaturated fats, avocados contain mannoheptulose, a sugar that actually reduces insulin.
  7. Green tea is still a bad ass. Containing high amounts of EGCG keeps the hormone Norepinephrine elevated as well as helping your body waste excessive calories. A recent Journal of Nutrition study showed that subjects who drank green tea lost more stomach fat than those who did not.
  8. Don’t sleep on black tea. Black tea is actually less processed than green tea so it has all the benefits of green tea and more. The University of London released a research study showing that those of consumed black tea had lower cortisol levels than those who did not drink black tea. That’s good news since cortisol brings nasty lower stomach fat.
  9. Walk this why: Whey protein  has the exclusive ability (over casein and soy sources) to blunt various hunger hormones. When you’re dieting, you want to blunt hunger, so drink your whey.
  10. Drink soy? Sadly yes. The University of Alabama at Birmingham showed that subjects who consumed 20 grams of soy protein per day lost significantly more stomach fat over three months. Now don’t worry, those of us who consume whey protein shakes do get a small amount of soy, as it is a caking agent. That’s enough for us.
  11. Use less water in your protein shakes. A Purdue University study showed that subjects who used less water in their shakes had decreased hunger and increased satisfaction feelings from their meals.
  12. Back off the artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners may have a way of messing with your head and they may actually increase your desire for calories.
  13. Use a fat burner. While I’m not the biggest fan of them, a fat burner containing caffeine and other stimulants can raise  your caloric burn by 30%.
  14. Push more fat out. L-carnitine is critical for helping the body carry fat from where it’s stored to where it can be burned. Aim for 1-2 grams per day.
  15. Lift heavy. Research has shown that lifting heavier weight and lower reps can significantly increase your post exercise oxygen consumption and increase your caloric burn when at rest.
  16. Rest for 30 seconds between sets. The College of New Jersey  discovered that subjects who rested 30 seconds between sets of the bench press burned 50% more calories.
  17. Lift faster. Research from Ball State University shows that lifting faster burns more calories. This is due to fast twitch muscle fibers being activated to a greater extent with fast reps.
  18. Pump it up. Listening to music can help you get more reps every workout. Research presented at the National Strength and Conditioning annual meeting showed that subjects who listened to their preferred music were able to lift more weight for more reps.
  19. Take a picture. Taking a before picture can help to motivate you. It’s even better when you share it with friends and family. This puts you on the line to get it done.
  20. Go to sleep. Trying to get to sleep earlier then normal is a great way to normalize your hormone levels and encourage your body to recover from the days stress.


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