The best detox foods

While detoxing is an essential part to health and longevity, it has sadly been lumped in with misinformation and down right lies. People always ask me what the best detox diet is or what diet to use to detox and I almost always reply “whatever diet that you are currently on minus the sugar and artificial sweeteners.”  You see, your body doesn’t need a detox diet, rather you need to know the best foods to detox. There’s a difference.

Jimmy’s favorite detox foods

Every single person has different biochemical and hormonal demands and there are numerous organs, not just the liver, that are responsible for removing dangerous and harmful toxins and chemicals from your body. While I know certain talk shows or grocery store check out magazines will tell you that specific diets will detox your body more then others, that’s false.  You’re better off eating specific foods to detox your body.

In regards to the diet, just make these few changes

Only eat grass fed meat. You don’t have to cut out all meat, just make sure it is grass fed.

You don’t need to cut out coffee.

You do need to cut out sugar.

You shouldn’t drink anything containing artificial sweeteners.

Six great detox foods

In no specific order…

Seaweeds: Sea vegetables pack a huge, Mike Tyson like, antioxidant punch that will both alkalize your blood and support your digestive system. Sea veggies contain alginn that helps to absorb dangerous toxins in the digestive tract, this aids in the body getting rid of them. Not to mention that sea veggies contain a large amount of essential minerals.

Get all of your sea veggies in a pill here

Beets: Packed with B3,B6 and vitamin C, beets support gallbladder and liver health in addition to promoting healthy levels of detoxification. Beets are also a great detox food because they contain high amounts of iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium

Dandelion: Old school bodybuilders will be used to using dandelion since they have a slight diuretic effect. They become a great food for detoxing because they will gently increase the cleansing of the digestive tract.

Broccoli: My favorite vegetable, broccoli has numerous vital phytochemicals that break down to sulphorophanes, indole-3-carbinal and D-glucarate. These three essential nutrients not only decrease estrogen (read on how to lower estrogen in men right here) but they each provide important aid for different stages of detoxing.

Flaxseeds: The beauty of flaxseeds is the lignan’s that they contain. When you look at detox foods it’s essential to eat a blend of foods to get various nutrients into your body. Lignan’s not only help a man’s prostate but they also are great for detoxing nasty substances that are released from fat cells. Here’s a very potent flaxseed oil pill

Tumeric: Curcumin is a very popular nutrient these days for cancer prevention but it is also what gives mustard its yellow color.Tumeric contains curcumin and both are essential for supporting the liver and digestive tract during the detox process. In case you’re wondering, here’s the most reliable curcumin supplement.

Some other great foods for detoxing

Here’s some other great foods that I often recommend to include in your daily diet, even if detoxing isn’t your goal.

Lemons: Squeeze some into your water whenever you drink a glass to increase your alkalizing environment.

Garlic: A very potent antiviral and antibiotic food, garlic helps to reduce toxins that are made by your body.

Artichoke: Bile production is important for absorbing all the good foods for detoxing that we’ve discussed. Artichokes increase bile production.

Apples: Hey, a apple a day, right? On a more serious note, apples actually contain D-glucarate, a phytochemical known for its anti estrogen and anticancer properties.

Again, ignore the detox diets and just focus on detox foods.

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