The Best Time Of Day To Eat

The online nutrition landscape is littered with different approaches to eating. In reality, it makes a lot of confusion. Nutrition needs to be easy, after all, anything complex becomes harder to follow. And a nutrition approach that is harder to follow produces slower and short term results.


There IS A BEST time of day to eat…

Could it be that that your body needs nutrients at certain times MORE than others?
Could it be that there actually is one time of day that is BETTER than others to eat when you want to burn fat, increase muscle mass and improve your health?
According to the prestigious Cell Metabolism journal, eating the majority of your calories MID day, WITHOUT reducing calories improves numerous markers of fat loss even in a HIGH FAT diet
(cell metabolism, 15:848-860,2012)
It also improves the subjects circadian rhythm, which is vital for improving your energy, having a better nights sleep and just having everything work better.
So eating the majority of your calories mid-day might actually be more beneficial.
But that’s not it..
Want to build more muscle? Eating the bulk of calories mid day improves various anabolic signals
Want to burn more calories? This study suggests you can burn more by eating mid day.
Want to eat more carbs and NOT get fat? You guessed it right, eat the bulk of your calories mid day.
My suggestion: Eat a smaller lunch and “move” some of those calories to a bigger mid day meal…

What do you think? Is there a best time of day to eat?

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  1. Colt
    6 years ago
    This study discusses beneficial effects of carbs at night. So perhaps a large steak and some rice post workout. Then some oatmeal before bed to stay anabolic?

  2. JimmySmith
    6 years ago

    Eating carbs at night really ONLY works because you’re so insulin sensitivity from NOT eating them during the day plus exercise.

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