The On/Off Fat Loss Switch

You can turn fat loss on and off like a switch. Certain foods makes you store fat and others make your burn it. Eating any of the fat storing foods will wreck all of your weight loss gains so far. Heard it before right?

Ok, hopefully you’ve sensed the sarcasm in my opening paragraph. Those are some of the common mythes  associated with burning body fat. There are those that still describe fat loss like an on/off switch.

If you do X you’ll burn fat

If you do Y you won’t burn fat.

The on/off switch typically is based around the usage of carbohydrates in a diet. Most assume that any insulin will shut off any potential fat burning and put us into a fat storing state.

Our body doesn’t work this way. It never has and never will.

By following this theory, you’d say that a few m&m’s will completely negate the 45 minutes of cardio and fantastic diet that you’ve followed for the last few weeks.

Our body isn’t so black and white. Now I know others provide diet consultation (I have to say my clients love me hint hint ) services and get the majority of their clients by screaming as loud as they can on message boards about how one type of diet is better than others but it just isn’t true. Doesn’t matter how ripped or huge they are.

Contrary to what people will tell you, just because someone got into shape doing a certain thing doesn’t mean that it was the right thing. People love the supplement carnitine for its potential fat burning benefits but research shows that it’s not as powerful of a fat loss agent as we think.

Some guy uses it, gets ripped and swears by it. He’ll never tell you that he busted his butt, focused on his diet and just wanted it badly for 16 to 20 weeks.

Same thing with some strength training workouts. The local bodybuilder gets ripped doing 30 minutes of cardio a few days a week and looks huge by doing these crazy types of workouts. There’s the on/off switch again. He swears by doing fasted cardio on a empty stomach and how it helps him lose lower ab fat.

Our body never does what we want it to do.  There’s no on/off switch. Our best bet is to diet hard, focus and fight to increase our dedication every day. The issue of diet vs exercise for weight loss will never die, we just need to arm ourselves better.

Continually tweaking your diet and training and staying focused on your end goal matters a lot more than some magic type of diet ever will. So the moral of this story is that you need to find a diet that works for you, tweak it until it’s optimal and stop obsessing over eating X or doing Y.

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