The Top 10 Physique Killing Foods

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You’ve heard the old phrase, you are what you eat, right?  You’ve also heard that nutrition is anywhere from 80-90% of “the battle” didn’t you?

The interesting thing is, not all foods are created equally. Some unlock various hormonal advantages that help us lose fat and get six pack abs. Others, most of the foods that we eat, will eliminate any chance that we ever had of getting out dream body.

Here’s the top 10 physique killing foods that you have to avoid at all costs.

# 10 Pizza

Just narrowly making the list, pizza is known as the “healthiest junk food” and does have some advantages. The lycopene in the tomatoes can help to increase the muscle building and fat burning hormone IGF-1 as well as potentially prevent cancer.

How it wrecks your physique

Pizza isn’t pizza anymore. Your typical thick crust pizza that’s loaded with cheese and fat meats like sausage or pepperoni and you’ve turned a good pizza into a fat storing monster. A average serving of Pizzeria Uno’s  deep dish thick crust pizza contains 770 calories and more than 50 grams of fat

Here’s How To Make It Healthy

-Add lean protein sources like chicken. More protein equals less fat.

-Ask for a “half” cheese pizza. That means that’ll cook it with half the amount of cheese. Less fat equals a leaner you.

-Ask for the pizza to be a whole grain pizza. I think it just tastes better.

-Buy pre-made pizza. This way the entire nutrition information is listed for you so you know exactly what you’re eating down to eat gram.

-Make your own. Get whole wheat dough, low fat cheese and chicken and you’re in business.

#9: Juices

Sure various fruit juices are typically high in vitamin C which can help your body fight infection and free radical damage but fruit juices can wreck your physique.
Since it’s juice, you don’t feel full. You don’t have to chew it, you don’t start the digestion process, you don’t get full. Thus, you end up wanting to eat more. Snacks aren’t cool.
Here’s How To Make It Healthy
Choose 100% organic juices. These are usually sweetened with organic sugar that has antioxidant benefits and can also be a beneficial sugar to consume post workout. I love pineapple organic fruit juice mixed with vanilla whey protein. Great for post workout recovery.
# 8 Salads from fast food places

This one is HUGE. Most fast food places now serve salads to please the health minded folks. Sounds good but it can actually wreck your fat loss.
Most of the chicken is breaded then fried then croutons, cheese, bacon and fatty dressings are added on top. Calories and fats add up fast!
How To Make It Healthy

It’s easy to make  smarter choices these days, you can check out the fast foods stores menus before you go. Aim for salads higher in protein with lower fat content. Get some healthy toppings like fruit and nuts instead of the regular fair.

Best option? McDonalds (can’t believe I said that) grilled chicken salad
100 calories, 2.5 grams fat, 3 grams carbohydrate, 17 grams protein.Choose one of the fat free or reduced fat dressings of your choice.

Wait, Where’s The Other 7 Foods?

Ok, let’s get at least 20 comments on the article today and I”ll be back tomorrow to reveal the 7th.6th and 5th worst physique killing foods and how you can tweak it for your benefit.

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  1. Ivan
    8 years ago

    you’ve got the right idea- make ’em yourself & benefit your health!

  2. Joe
    8 years ago

    I buy whole wheat flour and just make the dough myself. My wife and son love the pizza that I make and I can put anything on it. I have a great pizza dough recipe if you want it.

  3. Robyn
    8 years ago

    Great article Jimmy! I try to eat pizza only on cheat days. It doesn’t help that there’s a dominos 5 floors below me in my building lol i always get thin crust w/ mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, and other veggies. i never order pepperoni or sausage and i really dont like thick crust either lol

  4. Joyce
    8 years ago

    Dear Joe, Pl share your great pizza dough. I love pizzas – now with the hint by Jimmy, I shall try the wholemeal version and cut down on cheese topping!

  5. Alex
    8 years ago

    Crap. The company buys everyone pizza on Fridays and I always have a slice or two. Guess no more…

  6. Sallie
    8 years ago

    There is an incredible young man who is currently doing a 22 city bike ride up the east coast to make people see that eating pizza can in fact be should check him out..he is on face book and his name is Matt McClellan ~
    His transformation is nothing short of amazing. So pizza can be healthy…

  7. Shane
    8 years ago

    Good stuff but some of us can really use all those calories, however i do agree with you on the fat. And I like to add fresh veggies to mine

  8. myron romero
    8 years ago

    pizza made with whole wheat dough is better tasting than regular dough pizza place across from my house makes it.

  9. Charlie
    8 years ago

    Cough ’em up, man!!

  10. WOODY
    8 years ago

    the only thing healthy about pizza is the sause. the cheese and high carb crust are no good

  11. Ronan
    8 years ago

    I’d like to find or experiment with making a LOW carb, HIGH protein, home made pizza base! The high protein bit is easy with a good few scoops of whey powder.

    But anyone got ideas on the low carb aspect?

  12. Kimberly Long
    8 years ago

    I love to make my own pizza and make it healthy for me….not that I don’t love some really greasy pizza chain pizza every once in a hile too! lol

    Joe, would you share the pizza dough recipe, please? 🙂 I usually just use whole grain tortillas or wraps but would love to try and make my own dough.

  13. miles
    8 years ago

    Yes it is so easy in todays world to eat the wrong stuff.

    I have lost 60 pounds since the first of the year and have done that

    by eliminating the pizza and the tortillas and the bread – i also at the same time have increased the protien in my diet. I have not really dieted as i am always eating etc….

    Now to go to the next step and cut another 20-30 pounds and show the abs is killing me

    I am walking very fast pace for about 7 miles a day

  14. Dan Hughes
    8 years ago

    Thanks Jimmy keep them coming

  15. Roman
    8 years ago

    With regards to the pizza guy eating pizza and loosing weight – you gotta look at what he is doing though. He is riding his bike from Florida to NY. He is riding everyday and is burning a ton of calories in the process. So you have to look at the whole picture. If he were just sitting at home or was just doing a person’s normal routine and was just eating pizza all day I doubt he would be loosing the weight. It’s a bit like Michael Phelps who supposingly eat 12000 calories a day. And look at how lean he is. He could have also said “eat 12000 calories a day and look like me”.
    So with this pizza bike guy – yeah you can eat pizza all day and if you eat just one slice and with varied toppings so that you get all your nutritional needs then yeah you can survive. But as far as his weight loss I think it has far more to do with him riding his bike every day rather than eating pizza. The pizza is just providing him the energy.
    Ahhh I can just see all this dumb f#@ks who are now going to believe they can loose weight by just eating a slice of pizza every 3 hours. Ahhhhhh!

  16. Dave
    8 years ago

    And here I thought I was cursed by the lack of pizza in Indonesia. No wonder I’m losing weight.

  17. Jimbo
    8 years ago

    I really like pizza. It does seem kind of stupid to not realize pizza isn’t healthy for you.

  18. Anna Tovar
    8 years ago

    You are right Jimmy, the problem is that I sometime I eat pizza and I love it. However, I know wheat is not good, but it is difficult to give it up when the kids likes are being compromise.

  19. Michelle
    8 years ago

    I think you’re totally right on this, but isn’t it funny how foods you thought were healthy then they’re all put together they’re not so healthy anymore? Like, meat is great for you, so is cheese, and bread. Everything on pizza basically helps you in some way. But not when they’re all put together? I don’t really get that. Haha just a thought. I don’t see how they’re bad for you… I mean, the grease and stuff yeah, but, what else makes them so bad for you when you just put them all in one thing?

  20. Fido
    8 years ago

    I have stopped eating pizza all together, but these are some GREAT tips to make it healthy! I haven’t had cheese in a while either, perhaps I’ll give making my own pizza a shot when I have a cheat day. Thanks for the advice!

  21. Rebecca
    8 years ago

    I like homemade better anyway because there’s more veggies and less grease.

  22. nelson
    8 years ago

    wu that actually a shocker i though u could eat this stuff as a cheat meal but i guess not great post Jimmy

  23. Brandon C
    8 years ago

    As a hardgainer trying to bulk up, nothing beats regular cheese pizza. Everything in moderation if you’re trying to stay healthy. I would definitely recommend making it yourself (Its fairly easy) and using whole grain dough.

  24. Jen
    8 years ago

    I am trying a low carb diet, so pizza is off my list, only meat protein and vegies, and nuts as a snack. Really hard to keep too. When I do have pizza it is a shared entree, and is garlic and cheese.

  25. Glynis
    8 years ago

    Most fast food places have *grilled* chicken salad as an option, however, the chicken has been marinated in a high sodium solution. One serving can have 800+ miligrams of sodium….so while grilled appears to be a healthy choice, you are getting a whammy in the sodium department.

  26. Gaurav
    8 years ago

    And I thought salads were Saint foods…

  27. David
    8 years ago

    Come on man… More pls.

    I’m waiting for a gem I don’t already know!

  28. Sallie
    8 years ago

    Actually if you look at his website you will find that he is exercising just like the rest of us..he is doing the bike tour to promote healthy eating.

    But I digress..I don’t eat from fast food places..fresh veggies, fruits, lean protein. Water is my drink of choice.

  29. Charlie
    8 years ago


  30. Erin
    8 years ago

    I say plan better and forgo the fast food!

  31. nelson
    8 years ago

    im lucky i dont eat any of these 2 i use to eat this but i found out they were bad for your body so i cut it out of my diet

  32. Robert
    8 years ago

    That article is great,I still like a good pizza now n then..

  33. Mike Arone
    8 years ago

    Salads from fast food joints may be the worst….

    infused with insane amounts of sodium, hidden fat/carbs in the toppings (i.e. crutons and dressings), processed meat, usually iceberg lettuce which has no nutritional value, and it usually causes you to overeat later b/c it isn’t filling at all.

  34. Kylee
    8 years ago

    Hey Jimmy I make my own healthy pizza and only have it once every 3-4 weeks but i did know about juices and salads from fast food places. I don’t eat fast food so all my salads are healthy. I look forward to hearing the rest regards Kylee Celik.

  35. Ken
    6 years ago

    Great info! Keep up the valuable work!

  36. George
    6 years ago

    Good post jimmy love your work.

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