The Truth About Xylitol Sweetener(An Inside Look At Xylitol Side Effects)

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With the recent trend to stay away from artificial sweeteners, there’s more and more confusion being spread around about the “healthy” alternatives like stevie, and more recently, xylitol. But what is xylitol and is it really an alternative to artificial sweeteners?


While some food labels classify xylitol as a carbohydrate, it’s far from it. Xylitol sweeteners are technically a Polyol. While not an actual sugar, it can for all intents and purposes, be considered one.  It can be converted to a monosaccharide class of sugar as well as ketoses( carbohydrates that contain ketone groups).

What’s It Found In?

Well for starters, you! That’s right, we can make up as much as 15 grams of xylitol per day depending on the food we eat. The best external sources are berries(especially raspberries), lettuce and mushrooms.  Since it’s found in such small quantities, it can not be pulled from these foods.  One of the major manufacturing sources being birch tree scraps.

What You Can Get Out Of It

Well for starters, xylitol sweeteners are excellent for your teeth. I just felt the need to put that out there. Since you’re primarily interested in the physique aspect of it. During times of extreme stress (when you’re trying to lose fat or get rid of stomach fat) xylitol can be used as alternative energy source as well as aid in stabilizing your blood sugar.

The best thing about xylitol(aside from its taste) is that it can activate the glutathonie pathway in the body. Glutathonie is one of the bodies most powerful antioxidants. Red blood cells take up xylitol quickly and quench free radical damage.

Another interesting note is how unabsorbed xylitol acts in the body. It actually acts as a fiber that then produces violatile short-chain fatty acids, thus it can act as a longer-lasting energy source.

What About The Taste?

Since xylitol so closely resembles table sugar, it can be used to replace artifical sweeteners like sucarlose and aspartme. You can actually almost feel it “melting” in the mouth because it dissolves so quickly.  Seriously, try some xylitol as your sweetener next time you need to change things up on a low carb diet.

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  1. Janiene
    8 years ago

    Stick to pure unprocessed honey!

  2. Brenda
    8 years ago

    I did great on Xylitol for a long while. Even the diarrhea that it gave me during the first month or two didn’t bother me because I’ve had problems with constipation for so many years. I don’t feel that I use a large amount of Xylitol, but I do use it daily in 1 to 2 cups of coffee and some days in a bowl of cereal. I don’t use it much more than that. For the past month I’ve had gastrointestinal problems that get increasingly worse day by day … semi-severe bloating, gas pains and flatulence that are now nearing severe. I had problems with IBS prior to starting Xylitol and probiotics helped tremendously. I had a diverticulitis attack a couple months ago and had to go on potent antibiotics. I’ve been thinking that was probably why I’m having the bad symptoms lately, so I’ve been doubling up on the probiotics and digestive enzymes, only to continue to get worse and worse every day. The past couple of days I’ve been thinking that I really need to get to a doctor as the abdominal pain is really bad at times and the bloating is such that I’m unable to wear my normal clothes. I’ve even missed a couple days of work from it this week. My entire tummy just feels like a trainwreck. I never gave Xylitol a thought … until this morning. I went to put it in my coffee and something in my brain stopped me cold. Something just told me that I shouldn’t use it. That sixth sense that we have sometimes just jumped out at me. I’m going to folloow my intuition and stay off the Xylitol and see what happens. I had similar problems when I was using Splenda and it all went away when I stopped using it. With Splenda, I was buying the canned fruits, ice cream, etc., that had the Splenda in it so I was using it much more than I do the Xylitol. I’ve tried Stevia and I just can’t get used to it. It’s not sweet and I get an after taste, similar to diet products. So far, I seem to do the best with Sugar In The Raw. It may not be any healthier than white sugar, and I don’t do ‘good’ on it as I’m hypoglycemic, but I do better with it than I have anything else as it doesn’t cause the gastrointestinal problems. I wish I had the strenth to fight all my cravings and and stay off of all sweets! I’ve noticed … and I swear by this .. that my fibromyalgia almost goes away within a few days when I stay off of sugar all together. Best of luck to all of you!

  3. Bill
    8 years ago

    Brenda, you might want to try using a product called Gymnemia. Gymnemia is an herb that shuts off the sugar receptors on the tongue. Great for diabetics as well. Medi Herb has probably the highest quality gymnemia. That’s what we carry in our office.
    Good luck, and contact us if you need any other info.

  4. Stephanie
    8 years ago

    Brenda THANK YOU for sharing your experience! Every new artificial sweetener sugar substitute is supposed THE best one and completely SAFE, Yea until after people start using it and THEN you start seeing all of these types of side effects happening. Brenda your condition sounds scary and serious, hopefully you have already gone to a doctor and cut out all processed foods (hard to do I know!) and get a good cleansing product. I recently tried Yogi Detox Tea and it was pretty good and I could FEEL it working! Just be sure to sweeten it with honey! Good luck to you!

    Pure organic honey is by far the best sweetener. It is all natural no processing, never spoils (scientists have uncovered 2000 year honey and it was still sweet and good!)

    Honey also has anti-bacterial properties! Because it has almost no water content bacteria and viruses cannot survive in it! Use some as a mask after initial cleansing and opening your pores, let site for as long as you can stand then take a nice steamy shower, you will be amazed at how soft and healthy your skin will be!

    Honey does not have the same chemical makeup as sugar nor is it broke down by the body in the same way so it is perfectly safe for diabetics and can actually HELP regulate blood glucose!

    Honey is natures most perfect food, please do a search on the truth about honey and forget ALL of these articifial, processed sugar ‘alternatives’

    I highly recommend you visit, very informative, useful website that CURED my sudden intense outbreak of boils that I highly suspect was Staph, possibly MRSA. It came up fast and furious and was very nasty. Upon searching for something to draw the boils out until I could get to the doctor, I came across earthclinic and found out about turmeric, yes the spice in curry and to give mustard that yellow color, also used in pickling. I immediately started the recommended dosage and in 3 hours 2 of the 7 boils were gone and the rest were half thier size. A week later and I am completely cured with only the fading scars left. It was not pleasant to take but the pain that I was in… I felt like another lady had put it, “I would drink tar if I knew it would help!”

    While there check out Apple Cider Vinegar with The Mother (must be Raw Unfiltered like the brand Braggs offers)You will be AMAZED at the testimonies. I can’t express how grateful I am to have found that site and I will tell everyone that will listen, Nature works!

  5. Janet Darbey
    8 years ago

    I can’t anything that contains xylitol, for some reason it seems to set off my allergy response. I usually only get this response with wheat and wheat products. I get a terrible upset stomach, shaking and dizziness and problems with breathing. It took me a while to realise the worst offender was sugar free chewing gum….I had to give it up completely. I use honey now, locally produced, and only need a very small quantity.

  6. Scott7411
    8 years ago

    Try stevia for all sweetening. It comes in powder form (a VERY tiny amount goes a long way) and liquid form, in a bottle with an eyedropper. I find about three drops or so in coffee or tea equal the sweetness of a teaspoon of table sugar. The liquid comes in raw form (brown, like the cured tree leaf it comes from) and clear, through some filtering process. Some people complain that the raw form has a faintly bitter aftertaste (I’ve noticed this), but that the clear form does not. You can order a large bottle from Vitacost (dot com), sold by SweetLeaf for less than it costs in your local healthfood store for a small bottle. The FDA won’t permit them to label it a sugar alternative (the FDA are not funded by companies like SweetLeaf, rather by the makers and sellers of high fructose corn syrup), however stevia is the third largest sugar alternative used in Japan. I’m hypoglycemic and have zero negative reaction to stevia.

  7. rcj
    8 years ago

    Honey is NOT “perfectly safe for diabetics”.

    “Also, there are some misinformed people who support the use of honey instead of white sugar because it is “natural”. Sugar is a “natural” food since it comes from sugar cane or sugar beets, both natural foods. Chemically, honey contains fructose and sucrose which in the end, breaks down into glucose…
    Glucose is the sugar that is found in your blood and the sugar that your body uses for energy to do work. Your body produces insulin to carry glucose inside your cells to release energy for the cells. Insulin is necessary for energy in food to be released. The more glucose in your blood, the more insulin is required to process it.

    Your body is a biochemical factory. Food enters your mouth, is structurally broken down by the acid in your stomach, is further reduced by digestive enzymes and hormones in your small intestines and absorbed. The only things your body recognizes are chemicals. All sugars, including starch, milk, vegetable, fruit, white sugar, brown sugar, honey, molasses and fructose are chemically reduced by your body to glucose. Some foods like starches and sugar cause a greater increase in blood glucose than fruits, milk and vegetables.”


  8. Lala
    8 years ago

    Okay i would usually agree with you guys that you should just stick to unprocessed honey or agave nectar. But what about those on a candida diet?? Xylitol and stevia seem to be the only thing permitted.

    But i don’t know if it’s good for teeth like everyone is saying….one time i made something with it and bit into a crystal and my tooth started to hurt (like it does when i eat a regular sugar crystal.)

    The best thing to me is to stay away from sweeteners forever, but if you must unprocessed honey, and evaporated cane juice (i believe) in small quantities should do it. Until my candida issue is better though, I will have to stick to small quantities of xylitol and stevia.

  9. Krista Clegg
    8 years ago

    Have you considered that maybe you have an overgrowth of yeast in your body. One of the commonly noted side effects of having candiasis is gastrointestinal distress which can cause bloating that is moderate to severe. I recently took my son into an allergist who put him on the candida diet, because he showed several symptoms that he had an overgrowth of yeast in his body. One of the symptoms he has had in the past is that he gets severe bloating in his stomach. He is only 2, but sometimes his bloating has been so bad his tummy looks like he has a balloon in his stomach. Anyway, it’s just a thought. Let me know if you have any questions.

  10. eldridge
    8 years ago


  11. crow
    7 years ago

    OK well this stuff didn’t take long to turn my stool to complete liquid. I’m sure it has some great side effects and antimicrobial properties, but apparently it’s not for me.

  12. pink begonia
    6 years ago

    The majority of beet sugar (rather than cane sugar) is genetically modified. I’m going to stick to organic honey in smaller quantities staying away from processed, packaged stuff which generally contains genetically modified corn, beets or high-fructose corn syrup.

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