The Weapon X Bodyweight Workout

With Thanksgiving 2010 rolling around, I have a lot to be thankful for. I’m thankful for you reading this blog post.

I’m real.. I know that you have a million options at your finger tips and for you to spend at least a few moments checking out my site, I appreciate it. In life, every second counts. The life of you and your loved ones can change in the blink of an eye.

As Lance Armstrong titled his recent book “Every Second Counts”

Staying with that theme for a more care free moment, with the holiday season in full swing,every second counts in your workout too.

Take today, I had a dentist appointment to go to (oh, how I hate the dentist, not mine since he’s cool but the experience). So instead of just skipping a workout, I tested out my BRAND NEW Weapon X Bodyweight Workout that I’ll reveal to you on Friday (along with an insane discount on my 2010 nutrition quick start guide to diet)

Question: Why do I like bodyweight workouts so much and what make my new “Weapon X” bodyweight workout better and more effective then others?

Answer: In “Weapon X”, I use a precise combination of resistance training and interval training. Any bodyweight workout can make you feel sore or fatigue you by just making you run through a circuit of multiple exercises for high reps one after the other but that really doesn’t do anything for you. It just makes you sore and soreness doesn’t lead to more growth.

In “Weapon X” I incorporate different tempos, alternating super sets and joint pauses to increase the effectiveness of each workout. I even build in progression challenges to each workout so you get a better workout each time without doing anything out of the ordinary or by adding extra time to your workouts. I’ll tell you more about it over the next few days.

Without delay, here’s the Weapon X Bodyweight Workout A1…

A1) Superman Push-up-10 reps per leg. Take 2 seconds to lower your chest to the ground

A2) Swiss Lunges-10 reps per leg. Lower your body in 3 seconds. If it burns too much (which it will) pause for 15 seconds then repeat

Rest 1 minute then perform this pairing for 2 sets.

B1) Dumbbell Renegade Row-12 reps per arm. Perform each rep at a 2-1-1 tempo.

B2) Dumbbell King Deadlifts-10 reps leg. Perform each rep at a 2-0-1 tempo.

Rest for 1 minute then repeat this pairing 2 times.

C1)Tuck Jumps- 30 seconds

C2) Y Squat-15 reps

C3) Dumbbell Swings-30 seconds each arm

Rest for 1 minute then repeat this pairing 2 times.

Coming Tomorrow..

Changing Old Nutrition Habits That Limit Your Results

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