Top 5 Apocalyptic Movie Heros Of All Time

Who doesn’t love an apocalyptic thriller with a hero that kicks major ass? You know the kind of movies where guys want to be the hero and drag their girlfriends to see?

So check this out, here’s my top 5 apocalyptic heros of all time. Agree? Disagree? Whatever it is, leave a comment, hit the facebook “like” button or retweet it. Cool?

Let’s do this

# 5-Morpheus-The Matrix movies.

Things he has to beat-agents, sentinels,and reluctant saviors.

Yea, he wasn’t “The One” but he found and trained “The One”. It was his knowledge and toughness that shaped Neo into the “The One”

#4 Dr.Robert Neville- I Am Legend

Things he has to beat-zombies, parasites and global viruses

The last man on earth needs to deal with vampires, parasites and zombies any thing else that goes bump in the night. I have to hand it to him, he’s crafty as all hell. He knows they’ll attack every night but it just forges on. I have to hand it to the guy, he gave his own life so society can survive.

# 3- Mad Max

Things he has to beat-energy crisis, nuclear war, an angry Tina Turner and motorcycle gangs.

He starts the movie as a good dude but once his family is killed by an evil motorcycle gang, it’s on! He’s always outnumbered and he’s always outmatched but he roams the wasteland and joins forces with other oppressed groups and fights the good fight.

#2-George Taylor-Planet of The Apes

Things he has to beat-dumb people and really smart apes.

After hibernating for over 2,000 years, Taylor and his team must battle smarter then he apes and dumber then he humans. This probably the best plot twist of all time so I won’t ruin it but it was damn good.

#1-The Terminator

Things he has to beat-Skynet, Other Terminators

He starts off as the best bad guy ever but comes around in the end. T-101 gets reprogrammed by the future John Connor and is sent back in time to stop the the apocalypse caused by Skynet. He uses human qualities to beat machines.

How did I do? Do you agree or disagree? Leave a comment or hit the facebook “like” button or retweet it and let me know.

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