Pre Contest Diet With Jimmy Smith:Jaime Filer’s 24 Week Transformation

Alright, my first ever REAL blog entry for the Contest Prep. I want to start it out on a powerful note by introducing one of my most favorite concepts in the worlds: The Phoenix Theory.

This is essentially how I eventually came to Jimmy(click here to learn more information about hiring Jimmy to help transform your body), and my decision to compete again in 2011 and do my contest prep with Jimmy. I’m giving Chris Shugart, of T-Nation, full credit on this one. You can check out the full article (I HIGHLY recommend it), but the condensed version is essentially outlined below:

“The Phoenix Theory of body transformation involves four key stages:

1) A traumatic event leading to a sudden realization and awakening – The traumatic event has to be powerful enough to shock them back to reality and sever the downward spiral of physical decay. Because of this, a “breakdown” of sorts is usually experienced. Usually though, this first stage of the Phoenix Theory occurs naturally. Something just happens to wake you up from your psychological slumber. Recognize it and take advantage of this powerful catalyst. Savor the flame.

2) Anger and a firm decision to change – The phoenix dies in fire and is reborn in fire. Self-directed anger is your fuel in this process. You must get mad, combust, and feed the fire until you break the old habits and rebuild new ones relevant to your physical goals. This is often the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t. The unsuccessful person has a weak moment in his diet, makes an excuse, and gives in to the craving. The successful person gets mad at himself, stokes the fire, and stays strong

3) The physical transformation itself – This process could take six weeks or it could take six years. In many ways, the transformation process is ongoing. The most successful people in the gym seldom rest on their laurels and get satisfied with their development. There are always improvements to be made. They never quit or regress because they’re always moving forward toward a new goal: more muscle, even less body fat, more weight on the bar, better health markers, etc.

4) Continued progress fueled by fear of regression – First, the physically “reborn” person will see the world through a new pair of eyes. It’s amazing how everything changes when you go from fat to lean, or from skinny to muscular. People perceive you differently, and they treat you differently. You become not just visible again, but hyper-visible. From sexual relations to how you’re perceived in the business world, the presentation of a lean, healthy physique changes everything. When someone is rewarded, they tend to repeat the behavior. Once you’ve experienced the rewards of your new body, it’s easy to stay on track. Second, after seeing both sides of the social world — the fat side and the lean, muscular side — you won’t want to go back to the out-of-shape side. This fear of loss is powerful, probably more powerful than reward.”

Update: Given that this is the first week I’m blogging, I wouldn’t really say there’s an updateJ.My mood is good, this is my official first day/week of prep, and I couldn’t be more excited, more willing to give 100%, or more ready to commit to what needs to be done. If Jimmy says “Jump”… well, let’s just say that I’m at the stage where I’d do it before he asked.

Food: REALLY wish I could avoid this section (as well as the measurements section), however, in the spirit of “Full-disclosure”, “Accountability”, “blah blah blah”, I guess I’ll confess: I’ve been eating like every night is my “last supper.” Ok, maybe not THAT bad, but I haven’t been denying myself, or making effective use of my willpower lately. As a result, I believe it’s affected my sleep, my workouts (I’ve been SUPER lazy), and my mood (lethargy, ftl).

Read Jimmy’s article on “How Food Affects Your Mood” if you really want to get it (

The good news is that all is about to change… I GOT MY MACROS! I now have concrete numbers. Life just got a boatload easier!
On training days, I get more carbs and protein than on non-training days, and on non-training days, I get significantly more calories from fat.

Training: The good news is that I work in a gym, and will be making use of the resources available to me (and by that I mean I’ve become obsessed with Spinning and Yoga, and I’m absolutely committed to them). HOWEVER, I know that this WILL NOT suffice during prep, so I’m focusing on Jimmy’s plan for me which consists of a rotating cycle:.

Measurements: Do we have to? Ugh. Ok, I’m just going to hold my breath, type everything out really quickly, and not look at it again. I just keep telling myself that this is the last time I’m going to see ANY of those numbers; they’re just the beginning. I promise myself that “Everything’s going to go down… Everything’s going to go down… there’s no place like home… there’s no place like home…”
Shoulders: ?
Arms (cold): 12
Arms (flexed): 13
Waist: 31”
Hips: 40”
Quads: 22.75
Calves: 15.5

Goals: Get down to 135lbs (or 7-8%BF). Maintain a HEALTHY bodyweight (ie. No more yo-yo dieting after shows). I think those will keep my hands full .

Jimmy’s Notes: I wanted to call this section “my notes” but I enjoy talking in the 3rd person and since I don’t get much chance to do it, I figured this was the right time.

I’m excited to work with Jamie. I wish I could remember where I “met” Jamie (we’ve never met in person) but I believe it was when I saw some articles she wrote somewhere online and asked her if she wanted to contribute to this site. She wrote me a few fantastic articles and we got talking about our training goals. Form there a relationship grew.

She’s the ideal client since she wants it! I could tell her to eat nothing but chicken and rice and I believe she would. She’ll be eating potato chips and cookies on this diet however.

So how did I determine her macronutrient daily goals?

The first area that you need to look into is the individuals metabolism. Jaime is a extremely skinny individual which is both good and bad. Good because we won’t have to diet her as hard as I would if she had 15 more pounds of body fat. Bad because if we’re not point on with our macros she’d lose muscle mass.

Going into a figure competition, we need to make sure that she maintains her muscle. You do that with a optimal amount of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates AREN’T your enemy on a pre contest diet. Why?

-You must maintain training intensity to hold onto your muscle during a caloric restriction phase. Carbohydrates provide that fuel.

-Carbohydrate deprived muscles look flat. Carbohydrates attract water with them to the muscle cell. The more water in the muscle cell the more anabolic that the muscle thinks it is, therefore the likelihood of losing muscle is decreased. Not to mention that everyone likes to look veiny as they lose bodyfat.

-If our goal is to maintain as much muscle as possible when we lose weight then why do we want to restrict carbohydrates? Carbohydrates prevent muscle breakdown.

That’s our first look into Jaime’s diet. We’ll detail it a little bit more each week. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we’ll address them.

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