Transformation Week:Feb 13th

GREAT week ahead for you to make some serious progress with your body and health. If you know your goals, please list them below now.

What’s going on with me?

Here’s an updated picture. I plan on shooting for some new pictures in about 9 weeks so now it is the time for me to turn it up.

How To Turn It Up?

I often get that question. I try not to increase my cardio by much. Might bump it up another 10 minutes or so over 4 cardio workouts. Your diet gets you lean. Cardio doesn’t. There’s nothing cool about doing 60 minutes cardio, who really has the time?

The diet change is going to come in the form of less carbs. Might try a few zero carb days to kickstart the process but I usually shy away from that. As you can see, I just need to lose stomach fat. The trick is to maintain that muscle fullness that you see in my arms and shoulders while burning off stomach fat.

The Need For Social Support

Ok, maybe you aren’t as comfortable as I am in terms of posting your pictures online. That’s fine. You need social support however. Just being able to openly talk to others with your same goals goes a LONG way in helping you achieve your ideal body.

Since you’re on Facebook most of the day anyway, why not join my Fan page?

Research Review: Your Friends Make You Fat

I needed to review this study after mentioning my Facebook Fanpage. Being fat is contagious. Harvard researchers found that people who had fat friends increased their risk of being fat by 50 percent.

That’s HUGE, no pun intended.

Your chances of gaining weight increase by 0.5 percent per year for each friend that you have who’s fat.

This study is available to read in PLoS One, published online, November 4,2010

You need POSITIVE social support. You need to be around people that want to be lean and fit.

Decreasing Fat Storage

This is a very interesting field in the supplement world. Most everyone is concerned with burning fat right? Well how about limiting how much fat we can store?  Sesamin has been shown to reduce the ability of our body to actually store fat. Seasmin actually decreases the fat storing enzymes of our liver! It’s healthy and natural. Not bad.

Here’s the citation….

Biochim Biophys Acta. 2001 Nov 30;1534(1):1-

Want to know more about Sesamin? Check out this video I did about all my fat loss supplements and here’s the break down of what you should use.

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  1. rmg
    7 years ago

    Jimmy – Thanks. Are you going to do an ebook on the supplements? Any recommendations on what brands to trust. For example – There are some brands of supplements that claim to be CLA, but when you look at the listing of what’s in the supplement, CLA is at the bottom of the list.

  2. JimmySmith
    7 years ago

    RMG- How about a FREE resource? That’s right! Check out for my entire list!

  3. rmg
    7 years ago

    Jimmy – Thanks – checked it out and will use it to develop my ‘stack’.

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