Transformation Week:Jan 31st 2011

Another week is here which means that you have seven days to make an impact and change your body for the best.

I’m not going to give you some line on how you can lose 10 pounds of fat in 7 days. I don’t play that kiddie game. Well actually, you can. Drink a ton of water and don’t eat any carbs and I bet you’ll lose close to 10 pounds in the process.

I’m not advocating that so please don’t do it.

I am going to give you multiple tips to help you transform your body this week.

Your Workouts

To get you off on the right foot I want you start your training week off on Monday with a interval pace triset. These are the most EFFECTIVE exercise pairings that you can do in 15-20 minutes to ramp up your bodies fat burning processes.

Here’s the thing. You’ll only be in the gym for 15-20 minutes (after a proper warm up) on a Monday. How freaking cool is that?

Here’s a interval pace triset.

Bent Over Barbell Row

Bodyweight Jump Squats

Barbell or Dumbbell Standing Shoulder Press


Here’s how you do it. You have 15 minutes to complete 4 sets of the above 3 exercisesdone in a row. So you go from exercise #1 to #2 to #3 then rest 45 seconds. Then you’re right back to set number two.

The trick is to use a weight that’s heavy enough so that you have to push from rep 10 to rep 12 but light enough so you can complete all 12 reps.

Mark down your time. You have to beat this again next time you do this workout.

If you feel like you need more, hop on the treadmill for 15 minutes of interval training.

For more about interval pace training and a complete 4 week workout click here

Try this with your nutrition

Give up eggs for a week. No egg whites, no scrambled eggs and no egg protein. Why? For starters, whatever we frequently consume we become allergic too. Chances are that you’ve been eating eggs every morning for a while so back off and replace with a shake or some grass fed beef or some greek yogurt.

Eggs can very easily irritate and damage your intestines and cause a high level of inflammatory in your body. Stay off of it for a week and see how your energy levels and joints feel.

New supplement review

Going along with the above point, you can supplement your diet with amino acids instead of eggs. I just recently tried Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy , you guys know how much I like and trust Optimum. ¬†And you know that I’m a huge amino acid fan for various muscle building, fat loss and energy reasons.

Here’s where Optimum’s Amino Energy is cool. I’ve been recommending that you drink amino acids during your workout and in between meals since there’s research that show doing this keeps our body in a transformation mode.

Per scoop of Optimum’s Amino Energy, you get 5 grams of branch chain amino acids and other workout enhancers like beta alanine.

Big win right there but it gets better.

I HATE pre workout products. They are based in ineffective nutrients¬†and loaded with caffiene. Sure, you’ll get a pump and a good workout for a few weeks with them but you’ll also sleep less and be more irritable during the day.

Amino energy adds a tiny amount of caffeine and green tea, about 80mg’s per scoop which is less then 1 cup of coffee, to energize your workout without crashing your system.

Ideal for people who workout first thing in the morning or people that workout after a full day of work.If you need energy and focus as well as a positive muscle building environment, click here to try it at an insane discount.

Research broken down for you

Eat protein before or after exercise?

There is a growing body of research that argues that certain individuals, especially an older population, should use a protein supplement after their workout as a pre workout whey shake may have trouble being absorbed through the gut. Research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that, in younger individuals, a whey protein supplement post workout did not results in greater gains then one pre workout.

Interesting but I don’t buy it. Still keep your whey shake post workout to fuel recovery but use an amino acid supplement 30-45 minutes pre workout to put your body in a muscle building, fat loss state.

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