TRX Force Review: Tactical Suspension Trainer

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With suspension training all the rave today, and for good cause, TRX just released their force trainer. I got to play around with it and here’s my thoughts.

TRX Force Review

The TRX Force trainer is designed for military service demands. In all honesty, I’m not too sure what that means and why it would then be available to everyone in the general public. Either way, it’s a pretty cool training piece.

The TRX force is designed for operational readiness with a focus on mobility, strength and agility. Unlike other TRX movements, the Force is designed to easily progress movement or regress based on the athletes ability. The Force comes with a Tactical Conditioning Program laid out in three stages with each stage lasting four weeks.

What I like is that each module begins with a mobility circuit. Pretty nice addition. Here’s the three stages.

  • Phase one focuses on building a solid core making everything that happens in your shoulders, arms, hips and legs become more powerful.
  • Phase two focus on arm and leg strength while maintain core strength.
  • Phase three brings it all together and layers on some high intensity interval training.

Who can make the best use of the TRX Force?

I really think anyone can benefit from using the TRX force but those that require more mobility such as a mixed martial artists (check out our UFC workout article) or wrestlers would really benefit well from using the TRX Force. Give it a try. I’m using it.

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