Twitter Fitness And Nutrition Updates for 2009-06-06

  • @TylerEnglish That’s good bro, no one will be able to match your symmetry and leanness. Send some pics when you can. in reply to TylerEnglish #
  • @teeco71 thanks! in reply to teeco71 #
  • @SmashFit I’ve been good. Just trying to dominate in reply to SmashFit #
  • @6PakGirl What’s up? in reply to 6PakGirl #
  • @MsFitUniverse How’s things? in reply to MsFitUniverse #
  • @BradPilon Dude I am so with you on that! in reply to BradPilon #
  • Just hammered legs-hack squats 5 sets of 15/12/10/10/8, Leg Press-5 sets of 15/12/10/8/8, SLDL-3 sets of 10, 1-leg ext’s SS with 2 leg calf #
  • 1 leg ext SS with calf raises 3 sets of 15, seated calf raises-5 sets of 12-15, lying leg curls-3 sets of 10. incline cardio -20 minutes #
  • PWO Meal-50 grams of oats with 40 grams whey. High carb day today..8 oz chicken breats and 1 cup white rice for next 2 meals #
  • @Rick_Kaselj Should work, facebook me your skype name in reply to Rick_Kaselj #
  • @teeco71 that’s why I tweet #
  • After eating brown rice for so long, damn this white rice tastes good #
  • @teeco71 1.d tbsp of natty peanut butter and 40 grams whey #
  • It seems like everyweek there’s a new supplement on the market. What’s up with that? #
  • The best biz lesson that I ever learned is be yourself. Act your way, be yourself. #
  • @ffdivaqueen yes it does #
  • @melissaroberts don’t like it at all. #
  • @ShockWaveNews that’s the truth #
  • @PlanetK2 I agree but there’s some crazy supps out there #
  • @Andiio I’ve heard being in the supplement industry can lead to big dollars in the pocket #
  • @MissRobyn007 actually I have tried it and it tastes good #
  • @joycecherrier thanks! Any topics you’d like to see me write about specifically #
  • @joycecherrier Nope but I will do it within the next 3 days, just for you :). Nice abs in reply to joycecherrier #
  • About to see the hangover. Will let you know what I think #
  • @ShockWaveNews well thank you #
  • The hangover was overrated, they showed all the funny parts in the commercials and trailers #
  • @JasonPegg if you saw the trailers then you saw all the funny parts #
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