Twitter Fitness And Nutrition Updates for 2009-06-08

  • Good morning. Well early afternoon. Lakers in 5 #
  • Wasn’t too happy with the hangover. Thought they could of done a lot more with it. #
  • Anyone see night at the museum 2? Was it funny? #
  • Here’s what no one will tell you. It’s all about the traffic. People front like they have the secret. In reality, they have a ton of traffic #
  • @ccnetworks sure, I’d rather have prequalified leads all day but still. Traffic equals sales. #
  • Favre wants to come back. Yawn #
  • What are you doing? I’m out here grinding.. #
  • @StevenMorri keep working hard. How’s the diet? in reply to StevenMorri #
  • Anyone watch Kendra last night on E? Kendra Wilkonsons show. She’s good looking but after 5 minutes it got annoying ,she was acting dumb #
  • Todays’s workout-Back. Bent Over yates row 4 sets of 15/12/8/8. Rack pulls-4 sets of 8/8/6/6, CG chins-3 sets of 10/8/8, #
  • Narrow pulldowns-4 sets of 12/12/10/10, SS of machine row and machine pulldown-3 sets of 15. Shrugs-4 sets of 8/8/8/20 #
  • Post workout meal-40 grams whey, 5 grams creatine. cooking some salmon and brown rice right now #
  • @DJMikeDiesel After awhile it got annoying since she was purposefully acting dumb. in reply to DJMikeDiesel #
  • @melika626 She’s good looking but after the 5th time of her taking one of her boobs out even I got tired of it. in reply to melika626 #
  • @CheeksAsquirrel my workout secret is consistency and dedication to my diet and training #
  • @kimberlyYAS what’s up? in reply to kimberlyYAS #
  • Trying to sell this house. It’s a pain. Nice 2 bedroom spot too. #
  • @fitdiva77 what’s up? in reply to fitdiva77 #
  • @KendraWilkinson peeped the show last night in reply to KendraWilkinson #
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