Twitter Fitness And Nutrition Updates for 2009-06-10

  • @gregorymantell bummer that you’re in LA man. Was the show ever in NYC? in reply to gregorymantell #
  • good morning? Goals for today? mine is pure domination! #
  • Are you working toward your daily goals? #
  • Jus slammed 3 eggs and turkey on a wrap #
  • You know what? I like brooke hogan, sure she has dads money but she has tried so hard for so long and that’s why she’ll win #
  • @fitmorgan86 what’s up girl? How’s the diet? #
  • @karma_Jones gotta dominate everything #
  • Just read some crazy fat recommendations. Weird. People go too crazy with the no carb and high just because it’s good fat advice #
  • Hmmm what to eat for lunch, chicken with bbq sauce or chicken with salsa #
  • @mrrowe8 yokes #
  • @fitmorgan86 good things from me. Let me know if I can help you #
  • @Jay_Sherman that’s a good meal #
  • Chest and shoulders today and cardio, what do you got? #
  • @Brandon_Carter swimming rocks #
  • Anyone else notice that twitter profiles are getting page rank and individual tweets are showing up in google organic? #
  • An example of tweets showing up in google organic, google “dan kennedy influential writing” @jasonmoffat tweet about it shows up #
  • If you have page rank checker just look at profile pages. Last check my page was a pr 8 or 9 #
  • @Uhela yea but I don’t care about pages passing rank love. Nofollow doesn’t bother me. I get traffic from nofollow links #
  • @Uhela plus it’s still a link #
  • Question: take all your ppc advertising money and pay people to write articles for your site. What gets you more traffic at the end of year? #
  • Even though you know you need to drink more water, do you really drink enough? I need to carry a gallon around with me to get my fill #
  • @annalouiseh I forgive you 🙂 #
  • @Brandon_Carter how did you feel on it? Alittle more detail please 🙂 #
  • @jadeflame true true #
  • @SEOExpertLA yea but PPC doesn’t jus equal adwords. People lose their shirts with adwords when there’s other alternatives #
  • @jamiesulc hill sprint rock. in reply to jamiesulc #
  • @diymuscle going through my gmail right now to find your email, first name is Chris right? in reply to diymuscle #
  • twitter slow for anyone else? #
  • can myspace make a comeback? Seriously, I think they’ll be huge again soon. #
  • @JenniferDeJoya what did you train today? in reply to JenniferDeJoya #
  • @RonDavies Joe Cocker is the man. I’m good friends with his old tour manager in reply to RonDavies #
  • @HubertGAM nah dude, have you seen myspace music? Facebook is actually making changes to be more like myspace. in reply to HubertGAM #
  • @matteh17 myspace is still huge. I don’t visit it daily but I do every other day. Great marketing potential in reply to matteh17 #
  • @caryholder I don’t know dude, they are owned by News Crop aka Rubert Murdoch so they have vast resources in reply to caryholder #
  • @Glow1971 Newscopr owns them so myspace can tap into Fox and all of their resources. Myspace music is big in reply to Glow1971 #
  • @LindaH09 yea I heard that in reply to LindaH09 #
  • @FitnessEditor what’s up? in reply to FitnessEditor #
  • @caryholder Facebook is starting live video chat soon. That will crush skype but only if FB limits it to one vid chat at a time. in reply to caryholder #
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