Twitter Fitness And Nutrition Updates for 2009-06-13

  • @Fitrepreneur Shoot me a copy of the interview dude? Thanks in reply to Fitrepreneur #
  • good morning, what’s up? Got up late (turned over early this am and turned the alram off). Off to the gym to get it done. #
  • pissed at the guy who took “jimmy smith” on facebook last night since I tried at 12:06. He’s a loser for doing exactly what I wanted 2 do. #
  • @Jamie_Eason What’s up girl? Keeping busy? Congrats on the oxygen monthly column. You deserve it in reply to Jamie_Eason #
  • How’s your saturday afternoon going? #
  • @ccnetworks nah fan pages can’t get unique urls. #
  • @JasonPegg how was ct? #
  • @Jay_Sherman what are hitting in the gym? #
  • Coconut water, not a fan but it’s good when you have cramps, need post training recovery or are dehydrayted #
  • Where’s the sun? #
  • How man shaker cups do you own? I have 11. You can never have enough shaker cups #
  • @JasonPegg oh you came here to get a car? Where did you have to drive it back to? #
  • @ccnetworks I know that fan pages are good for seo but I didn’t know about the june thing. #
  • @JasonPegg damn son. Do work in reply to JasonPegg #
  • @ccnetworks that’s why I love them in reply to ccnetworks #
  • @Jay_Sherman I actually should. One day in the future my friend in reply to Jay_Sherman #
  • plans for tonight? #
  • sweet-almost 18 percent of my visitors on staying on for upward of 20 minutes! #
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