Waxy Maize Post Workout Benefits


Jimmy, im looking for a new direction in a pre-wokrout drink. kinda tired of that bitter taste scenario with most sugar-free stim type drinks out there( switched from xtend now to modern BCAA.) whats your take on waxymaize ? does it have any benefits during a workout or post workout ?


Personally I like waxy maize for its post workout benefits. From a performance perspective it’s my preferred choice of post workout rapid replenishment and it’s one of my “weapons” for the fighters I’m currently working with to rehydrate post weigh in. While some debate the effectiveness over straight dextrose, I find it superior


1- I feel fuller after I consume it. It will causes gastric emptying faster then pure dextrose and will carry more water volume with it (so this makes it a good time to drink more water for overall hydration). Thus the nutrients in your post workout shake or meal will be absorbed faster. Back to the original point, I just feel more satisfied post workout after waxy maize then I do with dextrose and I’m not one for cramming a 2nd meal in an hour our so after the post workout shake (though at least having a protein shake during that time has been shown to increase anabolism).


2- I don’t recommend it pre workout though. For the same reasons I recommend it for its post workout benefits I HATE it pre workout. My stomach just never felt right after having it upward of an hour and a half pre workout and I’ve experimented with less time. Too much going on in there.


3- Since cancer F*cking sucks, I tend to look deeper at supplements then most and try to also assess them for their health benefits. I’m pretty against any corn in general and since that’s the main base of waxy (those some companies are combining it with barley which I feel makes it less effective). Frequent and constant issue may increase immune system breakdown. So just watch out.


Now if your looking for a pre workout stim effect, I suggest you look into this stack l-tyrosine at 750mg and methycobalamin 1.5g (Vit B12)


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