WBFF World Championship-Mindy Karuk

It’s been a while since we talk Mindy. From your facebook page, you have a ton going on. Fill us in on what’s up?

MK:This last year has been a whirlwind of experiences and blessings, and to think the year isn’t even over yet! I’ve had such wonderful experiences competing – first at the Iron Man Bodybuilding.com Spokesmodel Search that was held in LA. I was one of the lucky 5 girls chosen out of all of the finalists to compete for the title and shoot for the cover of Iron Man Magazine with Michael Neveux. I then competed with the WBFF for the BC Championships in April where I placed 4th in Bikini and 8th in Fitness Model. I’ve been keeping myself busy with some SAE work with some shows filmed here in Vancouver as well as going for casting calls most recently taking me as far as Florida on special invite. In April I was very fortunate to have signed on with Canadian Supplement Company-Magnum Nutraceuticalswww.hardmagnum.com. I couldn’t have more pride being on Team Magnum as all of their products are pharmaceutical grade and is based on integrity! Truly a company I back 110% and believe in!! Most recently I have launched my website¬†www.mindykaruk.comand that has really been a long time goal achieved for me! I am also very happy to say that I have signed on with the Swedish company – SmartShake as part of Team SmartShake and their first North American Athlete to the Team! If you haven’t checked out these shaker cups please do at¬†www.smartshake.com.

We’ve talked a little and you seem to be very aggressive with your diet approach this time for the WBFF World Championships. What’s changed?

MK:Yes I’ve taken a much more aggressive approach with my diet and training this time around for the World’s. My feedback from the judges was to bring in a tighter lower body and more defined midsection. So I asked my trainer (Darren Mehling of Freak Fitness) to give me the strictest diet I could possibly have! Basically I have six meal times, all of which include a green veg and 3oz protein. My only carbs are two plain rice cakes post workout. Surprisingly I haven’t been as drained as I thought I would be from this diet and my body has really responded to it!

Now when you want to turn it up as the show gets closer what do you changed since your carbs are already so low? More cardio

MK:Well currently I am doing two one hour sessions of cardio a day, the first on an empty stomach and the second post workout. Last week I have had an extra 15min of intervals on the bike added to one of my 60min sessions. I’ve also been training with my BF and WBFF Pro Chris Lazecki to keep my intensity up and I left my abdominal training in his hands, the results have been excellent!!

What areas do you typically have a hard time getting lean and what are you doing this time around to make a difference?

MK:My legs are always the last to lean out. With the extra cardio and more plyos added to my workout I have seen a way better response in them this time around and I am happy to say they have made amazing progress since my last show in April! The gym I train in now has a stepmill machine, and I have been using it daily as I feel it gives my lower body a better workout!

You ready? Where can we follow you online?

MK:I am SO ready and I can’t wait to hit the stage with all of my fellow athletes! It’s been an amazing journey, bringing my body up in such a short time seemed tough, but I was up for the challenge, and I didn’t want to turn down the opportunity to step on stage with the best at the largest show to date!! You can follow me the rest of the way out on my Website which has links to my Twitter and Blog! Thanks so much!!

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