WBFF World Championships Interview-Chris Lazecki

1) Can you tell us about yourself Chris. How long have you been training and what’s your background?

What can I tell you about me? One word can describe me: INTEGRITY. But, in more detail I’m your basic run of the mill type Athlete who lucky enough to be sponsored by some great people: Magnum Nutraceuticals, and Reflex Nutrition.

I work hard, train harder, and eat Cleaner. Lol, the eating Clean Part not so much. I’m blessed with a great metabolism. I’m a certified Personal Trainer, and I’ve been competing for 2 almost 3 years now.

Training wise, I’d say I’ve been training for maybe 5-6 years, again, serious training for 2, ever since I started Competing.

My Background genetically comes from Sweden, Ukraine, and Scotland. The first 2 are my father’s side, the last my mother’s. I have the Blonde and blue of a Swede, the strong back of middle class Ukraine, and the IronWill of the Scots.

My educational background comes from CanfitPro, and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technologies, where I acquired my PFT, (Personal Fitness Trainer) Diploma. And my own personal moral and philosophical background from a strong desire to be the best, to excel at everything I do. Seeing someone squat 500lbs motivates me to get to that level. Seeing someone on the cover of Inside Fitness Magazine, motivates me to get to that level! I truly love this sport and the effect it can have on peoples lives and bettering oneself and others.

2)What is your dieting approach like for the WBFF’s? Low carb? Carb cycling?

Come show time its really simple for me. 15 weeks out. Clean up the diet: Low fats, Low sugars, high protein. Its really easy, Reflex Nutrition makes clean eating so simple and tasty, and I’m there everyday!! and for High Protein Magnum Quattro has 60g  and 4 different types of     Protein per serving, and its PHARMAEUTICAL GRADE!  8 weeks out, No sugars, No bad fats, No simple carbs. Only Complex Carbs, veggies, and High Protein. Its all about Balance. Carbs, veggies and Protein at every meal. Last month of prep, Cardio gets added in. 30 min daily. Diet: My secret!! Lol but I sill eat carbs. And no I do not carb cycle. 😉

3) When you want to turn it up and get leaner, what’s the first thing that you do? More cardio? Less carbs?

First- bye bye sugar, Second- More Cardio. Abs are made in the kitchen my friend. Watch the diet and watch for Abs

4)Most guys have a hard time dialing in their low back and lower abs. Was this ever a problem for you? How did you tackle it?

Can’t say that it was. I was lucky enough to have trainers as friends before I started competing, who always told me not to neglect the little muscle groups, that most people forget about: rear delts, lower back, inner-triceps.  So ever since I started working out, I’ve always made sure to hit the muscle groups most people don’t think about.

I’ve always had Abs. But I love being able to dial in my Lower abdominals. So when the time came to really TRAIN them. I did all my research first. Human Kinetics, Bio-mechanics all the good stuff on how the core really works. So I’ve really developed a system that allows me to train my abs extremely effectively without tons of boring Crunches. Here’s a hint people. Its all in the hips. Make sure you get that last pelvic tilt at the end of your leg or knee raise, just to really get that last inch of contraction in your lower abs.

As for my Lower Back. If you deadlift and do hyperextentions properly, for isolation. And then pair that with Core Training as a whole. You should be able to sculpt a lower back worthy of Christmas decorations.

5)Where can we find more information out about you?

Well after the WBFF World Champs, Mindy Karuk (Future WBFF Pro Diva Fitness Model) 😉

and I will be starting our own online personal training and nutrition website, designed for anyone from competitors to soccer moms. More info to come!! But for now, you can check out these webpages.



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