Welcome To Off Jimmy’s Chest

Welcome to “Off Jimmy’s Chest”. This is my personal blog even though this whole site is my personal blog. Weird right?

I wanted to create this section so that I could be me. Listen, I love fitness, bodybuilding and nutrition. I love giving you advice on how to lose fat, build muscle, improve your fat loss and finally get your six pack abs. That part of the site will always exist.

This is going to be my little corner where I can talk about everything that interests me and that probably interests you as well.

This is “off topic” stuff that has nothing to with working out. Amongest other topics I’ll talk about…

-My love for the New York Yankees

-Sports talk in general. Covering everything from baseball, basketball, football, hockey and everything else. What can I say, I want to be a sports talk radio host.

-I’m heavy into tech stuff. I’m a Apple fan and a internet/tech overall fan. So when somethings on my mind, I’ll discuss it.

-Social media rules. You’ll get twitter, facebook and youtube news right here.

-I’m a comic book fan and proud to admit it.

-I loved pro wrestling in the 80’s and I still love it today.

-Video games are what I do to relax and I know most of you love them too.

-I love hip hop.

-I’m a big time movie buff and when I’m excited about a new one, I’ll be there on opening night.

-80’s tv shows rock.

So as you can see, I’m a diverse dude and this is where I get to talk about it all.

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