What No One Tells About A Muscle Diet

So we established yesterday that you must focus on building lean muscle if you ever want to burn body fat, get leaner or get a six pack. Without muscle, your metabolism has no reason to process calories. So what is the best approach to follow?

Be The Popular Kid

That’s always an option but it doesn’t get us closer to our goals, which is more lean mass. Make no mistake about it, to build any lean muscle, five or so pounds, you have to consume more calories then you burn.

This doesn’t mean that you should blindly gain bodyfat with the excuse that it’s mostly muscle. It isn’t healthy and if anything, your body will respond badly to the new weight and you’ll have a harder time losing that fat.


Eat More Calories On Your Training Days And Less On Your Non Training Days

A good approach, you’ll eat enough calories to grow when you train in the gym and you’ll eat less when you aren’t in the gym. A good idea but only in theory. You won’t provide your body with enough raw materials to grow on your off days if you follow this system.

You’ll never get fat eating good foods year round. You need to consume calories on your off days equal to your training days. Remember, it takes your body 24-48 hours to recover and if  you are training on Monday and taking Tuesday off, you’ll damage your recovery and growth potential on Tuesday.


Eat Your Carbohydrates Post Workout Only

This is a popular approach for screwing up people. Sure, it sounds good. You eat a boatload of carbohydrates after you train. At this time, you’re more inclined to store those nutrients in your muscles and not gain fat.

The problem is that you need carbohydrates at other times in order to give your body the raw materials that it needs. If you are avoiding carbohydrates throughout the day, you’re starving your body.


Follow a modified calorie rotation system

This is the one for you.  By following a modified calorie rotation system you give your body ample nutrients to grow when your body needs them and you keep your metabolism guessing when you don’t need to give it a large amount of calories. That keeps your body lean. People get fat when they try to build muscle because they think that they need to eat the same every day.

By following a modified calorie rotation system you give your body the calories it needs to grow and not get fat.

There’s a time and a place for everything in your nutrition and by following a targetted program like a modified calorie rotation system, you’ll finally build the body you want.


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  1. Joe
    8 years ago

    So, you’re saying that Carb Rotation isn’t the way to go, but Calorie rotation is? in theory, that makes more sense to me…So…more information on this please.

  2. HDube
    8 years ago

    TOTAL YES – of everything I’ve tried, never been in better shape in my life ever for my offseason than using this method which I’ve been doing now – putting on size, yet staying very lean for offseason from competition. It’s awesome to see how the body reacts well, doesn’t feel sluggish from a typical muscle building phase where you eat mass amounts of food, and remains lean still at the same time by changing up your approach based on what you’re building & what you’re not. Great post.

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