What we know about nutrition

The internet blogging and fitness community is a funny place, as a matter of fact, it can be down right scary. While, at times, it seems to be the same people on different websites saying the same stuff, there are nuggets and tips that you can pull from any article.

When you break it down to brass tacks, what do we KNOW about nutrition? Seriously?

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You’ve got people online recommending that you don’t eat for 12-18 hours. In all honestly, this works if you CAN do it. You DON’T have to do it.

You’ve got people online recommending that you only should eat your carbohydrates at nighttime. This is based on a few studies that shows subjects lost more weight eating the majority of their carbohydrates at night vs during the day. In reality, this more than likely was a poorly constructed study, people that ate the majority of their carbohydrates at night did more work during the day in a glycogen depleted state, thus improving their insulin sensitivity better than those who ate their carbohydrates spread out.

You’ve got people online recommending that you shouldn’t eat any grains and that you must eat like people did thousands of years ago. Works but is VERY restrictive and for a diet to truly be effective it CAN’T be restrictive.

So what are our BIG rocks, theories that are factual and NOT myths passed down through the years? You can EAT however you want provided that you KNOW what you’re doing.

  1. Your body operates better on a lower amount of calories. Doesn’t matter the goals, muscle gain, fat loss or longevity. Caloric restriction is the way to go.
  2. Our bodies weren’t meant to feed constantly.  I won’t get all paleo on you and talk about our ancestors but we were meant to perform manual labor then eat. We weren’t meant to eat at regular intervals or gorge.
  3. We’ll feel and look a whole lot better eating lean, organic or grass fed meats and wild caught fish.
  4. Our body NEEDS the micro nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables
  5. We don’t really operate that well on starches. They contain a ton of anti-nutrients (gluten being the most famous one) and don’t supply a whole lot of micronutrients BUT that’s not to say that we can’t or shouldn’t eat them, specifically long grain and wild rices, oats and potatoes. Pasta every once in a while isn’t a bad thing either.
  6. Since we’re on the topic of ancestral health, our ancestors actually consumed ALOT more omega-3 fats. That’s why I recommend 9-15 grams per day for fat loss, muscle growth, joint pain and just living an awesome life.
  7. You need protein, it’s vital for life but you don’t need as much as you’re probably taking in.
  8. There really are NO bad foods. Your body processes the protein, carbs and fats from a Snickers bar the EXACT same as it does from a meal of chicken and brown rice. Obviously the latter is healthier but in reality, all your body sees is the protein, carbs and fats. The other “stuff” in a candy bar is just that, other “stuff” that your body DOESN’T want but I hope you see my point.

Those are 8 points that pretty much sum up the basis of EVERY effective diet for muscle growth, fat loss, longevity or whatever else you can think of.  We (everyone who wants to look good naked) fall into a trap when we focus on the methods INSTEAD of the principles.

As your body changes, for the better or worse, your training and nutritional demands change. Ever heard of a concept called training age? This has NOTHING to do with your actual age. A 20 year old that has been training for 3 years has an older training age than a 47 year old who has been training for 3 months. The demands from your hormones, nutrition and training MUST change or else you’ll plateau and if you don’t plateau, your gains come slower than they should.

That’s why you need adaptive strategies.

Seriously, follow those 8 points and you’ll get EVERY result you want….

Leave a comment below, let me know what you think about all the various online diets, METHODS and the great results you’ve had by focusing on PRINCIPLES!

Nutritional Demands Adapt As Our Physique Does

That actually seems lost on the majority of the methods out there. You need to adapt your nutrition by focusing on the 8 principles above and if you want to tinker with the latest and newest methods online then go for it but don’t throw everything you know to be true out the window.

That’s why I wrote the “Adaptive Physique” Special Report.

No hard sell here, this special report is just $12 and I’ll describe 8 changes that you should STRONGLY consider making as your physique changes over time.

You’ll discover….

  1. How to get on the fasttrack to your ideal physique
  2. The FIRST thing you should do in the morning for a better body and longer life with less joint pain
  3. The new and research PROVEN way to turn back the hands of time on your growth hormone levels
  4. A simple fix to double your productivity in the gym
  5. A hidden way to lower inflammation (has NOTHING to do with diet or expensive supplements)
  6. Something the supplement ads tell you that you MUST do, yet you totally SHOULDN’T
  7. The real way to detox (and it won’t cost you 1 red cent)
  8. How to get smart with your calories.

$12 and you’ll instantly be able to download it RIGHT NOW…


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  1. Tracy Napier
    6 years ago

    Through a couple years of experimenting and learning my own body and what food work best for me in order to either lose body fat, or gain muscle, depending on the current goal, I have ended up doing all of these 8 components you speak of. The result…I FEEL amazing, maintain my 12% bf level, and am currently building muscle, slowly, but surely. I have killer energy in the gym, don’t get sick, am never hungry, and am mentally and emotionally, the most stable I have ever been. 🙂

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