Whey Protein Price To Spike

Think whey protein is expensive now? Well it’s about to get a whole lot more expensive.

I got this from, DC, other wise known as the creator of the DoggCrapp training method. We all know that whey protein helps up to build muscle and lose fat. Anyone on a muscle building diet or six pack diet knows the need for whey protein to meet their calorie goals.

Looks like it’ll cost us more in the near future.

“Remember 2 years ago when I warned you about the oncoming milk shortage and what it would do to whey protein prices? And across the board whey protein prices rose…..

This makes that look like a blip.

I am forewarning everyone. Two major soft drink company’s (here I’ll make it easy, they begin with C and P to narrow it down, thats all I’ll say)…..have pretty much shut down the whey protein industry for the rest of 2010. The one company is coming out with a RTD whey product and the other company and their “Alligatorade” drink (think about it) bought a half a billion pounds of whey protein in which they are going to launch their Ready To Drink protein product. Now to do this they bought up all the raw ingredients from all corners or the earth and even existing product out there to tweak into their product. The other company bought a tremendous amount of whey from Asia which in turn is making a huge shortage here in the United States with manufacturers trying to catch up.

This “Alligatorade” drink company acquisition is going to drive whey protein prices skyrocketing northward. The problem is whey is a byproduct of cheese/dairy and the dairies arent going to start manufacturing more cheese to get more byproduct=whey protein (and throw away the cheese).

So and im strongly warning you on this….STRONGLY…trust me that this is going to happen. They bought up a tremendous amount of raw ingredients of whey isolate to mix into their sugar water. 500 million pounds….The other company bought up a tremendous amount of whey protein concentrate.

Whats this mean to you?

We are going to try our best to hold the line but what we are being told is whey protein could very well go to 2 – 3 times the price per pound of what it currently is. And I mean this across the board from every single protein powder company out there…..and in any and every area of whey protein being sold out there.

We probably are in the process of getting rid of the recession whey protein pricing right today due to this but we are going to try to hold out on everything else as long as we can. You will see whey protein powder prices rise and rise and rise for the next month after month after month elsewhere in stores, in retails sites….everywhere.”

Don’t wait and pay more for your whey protein, stock up now on the #1 selling protein powder of the last 5 years! I use it every day!

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