Which Fat Loss Webinar Would You Like To See First?

Which FREE Webinar Would You Like To See First?

Plus, be sure to leave a comment below telling me what day and time  range works best for you to attend a live Webinar on the topic.

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  1. Rick
    8 years ago

    Any evening after 8:00 would work for me

  2. Sallie
    8 years ago

    Evening is best for me around 8 p.m.

  3. Ken P
    8 years ago

    afternoon / early evening

  4. JimmySmith
    8 years ago

    It happens on the Internet.

  5. Mike
    8 years ago

    8 pm is great, any day of the week

  6. Dennis
    8 years ago

    Between 7 PM & 8 PM

  7. Dan
    8 years ago

    Evening would be great

  8. Jay S
    8 years ago

    Anytime after 8pm CDT. Tuesdays and Fridays anytime after 6 CDT.

  9. nelson
    8 years ago

    evening around 7 or 8 pm

  10. Aitch
    8 years ago

    Late evening e.g 11pm. Look forward to it.

  11. Raymond
    8 years ago

    I’m in Australia so I guess I’ll have to fit in with the rest or please make it recordable …

  12. JimmySmith
    8 years ago

    It’ll hook you up 🙂

  13. Glenn
    8 years ago

    Jimmy, I’m in New Zealand so I doubt a time that would be good for me is going to work with anyone in the US, but if you could record it and send out an email with a link to the recording after that would be appreciated. Thanks

  14. JimmySmith
    8 years ago

    It’ll be recorded

  15. Nick
    8 years ago

    I’m in Aus to Jimmy, so recordable is great. It looks like you’ve got a good following down here.

  16. Ray
    8 years ago

    Any time good for me.

  17. Jay
    8 years ago

    Probably evenings after 8 would work for me. If you record it and send a link that would be great as my schedule varies from day to day/ week to week.

  18. Erin
    8 years ago

    I am thinking evening…after 7:30 pm. Sunday night might be good!

  19. Gerred
    8 years ago

    M, W, F: anytime before 5pm, T, Th: around 9pm.

    Wacky school schedule that no one should be on, haha.

  20. Bill
    8 years ago

    Hi Jimmy,

    Currently stationed overseas. So would be great if
    you record the event for a later download. Also, if not too much to ask, hope people can write in questions to you as well.

    Enjoy a Great One !!

  21. LeAnn
    8 years ago

    Looks like most want evening, that’s good since it’s recorded. I can do 10am best, eastern time. Thanks Jimmy.

  22. jake
    8 years ago


  23. lynne
    8 years ago

    Mon-Thurs 3:30pm

  24. ALAN
    8 years ago


  25. Jo
    8 years ago

    8:00 PM EST and later

  26. butch
    8 years ago

    On or after 7 pm CDT

  27. Rod
    8 years ago

    Hello, sure after 21:00

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