Why Combining Carbs And Fats Might Not Turn You Into A Blob

A while ago the idea that you shouldn’t combine carbohydrats and fat in the same meal became very popular online. After all, think of everything that’s bad for you like pizza, donuts and fries. What do they have in common? They are all carbohydrates and fat with little to zero protein. To be really honest, the theory works well from the point that most people want the simplest path to their end goal. So by following the idea that you shouldn’t eat carbs and fat in the same meal, one was giving a regminented routine.

When you really break it down,however, the notion that you’ll automatically gain fat from eating carbs and fat together starts looking like the swiss cheese on your “favorite” aunts thighs after thanksgiving dinner. What I’m saying is that the theory has holes.


The idea iass based around the fact that you don’t want fat floating around the body when you have a high carbohydrates meal. Since a high carb meal will spike insulin, the insulin would then drive the fat into fat stores and you’ accumulate bodyfat. Fat, since it causes little, if any insulin spike, is diet friendly since without the insulin spike it’s very hard to store fat. How much fat that you’ll store when you combine fat with carbs is based on the degree of saturation (the amount of saturated fat that you just ate). For reference, if you ate unsaturated fats (healthy fat-poly and monounsaturatred fats) they would lower the insulin response to carbohydrates or not affect the insulin response period.

You need to realize that insulin wear many masks and isn’t just “that hormone that makes you fat”. You have to consider your daily calories coming in versus what was going out. Did you burn more calories today then you ate? If you’re uner your daily calorie allowance and have the proper training program then the fat and carbohydrates together are going to be very helpful for increasing lean body mass. Note, I’m not talking about 30 or 40 grams of fat per meal. If you’re “bulking” and eating more food then you’re burning, carbs and fat won’t hurt you either. Most people that are overconsuming calories are doing it to add muscle yet they aren’t eating enough healthy fats and  are missing the hormonal benefits of consuming fat.

The last point that I want to make is that eating carbs and fats together are going to keep insulin more stable then separating the nutrients. The whole theory behind breaking up carbs and fats is to keep insulin steady right? Well consuming a fat and carbohyrate meal accomplishes that.

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