Why I’ll Never Be A Vegetarian:Reaction To The China Study

I’ll never be a vegetarian, for as long as I live.

Let’s just get that out of the way. One of my main problems with fitness authors these days is that they never quantify who they are writing to. You have “bodybuilding” authors giving advice that no bodybuilder should ever hear and you have “fat loss” experts who yells at you to do interval training but that never recommend that you eat the food you need to recover from that type of workout.

So I’m talking to both the person that wants to be healthier and change their body.

The fact of the matter is that human are meant to eat meat. Our body can thrive and survive on meat, for years we’ve plucked, gathered, fished and hunted for food.

There are some societies that have thrived on extremely high carbohydrates and others that have lived almost on animal fat  alone (The Inuit for example).

What you can’t argue is that they all have survived and lived well off eating meat. The only group that is known for not eating meat and surviving is Tibetian monks and they don’t have to worry about reproducing.

Dan Buettner did a study on areas of the globe that had the highest ratio of healthy individuals and three of his four areas (he called them “blue zones) all were eating meat based diets.

Here’s what the vegans and vegetarian won’t tell you.There’s some vital nutrients that you just can’t get or absorb from a vegan or vegetarian diet.

-You CAN’T absorb any reasonable amount of vitamin B12 from eating a plant based diet. Here’s what the National Institute of Health says

““Because vitamin B12 is found only in animal source foods, strict vegetarianism has long been associated with a greater risk of deficiency of this vitamin”

-You can only get Iron from animal foods. Do you want to have no energy? Not me.

Over 95% percent of people lack the proper enzymes to convert flax oil to omega-3. The majority of studies showing the health benefits of omega-3’s are done on EPA/DHA.

-You can not get  reasonable amount of protein by not eating meat. I know that oatmeal, fish, nuts etc have protein in them but to lose fat or for muscle building you have to meet your macronutrient goals, it’s impossible to do that with those sources. Regardless of what someone who doesn’t workout and doesn’t eat tells you. I don’t care if they have abs. While I agree that we need less protein then we recommend, we need more then we can get in a Vegan/Vegetarian diet. For more information, please see my post about whey protein vs soy protein vs whole foods.

Lastly, I want to bring up the relationship between meat and health issues.

1. It’s not a direct realtionship, it’s a correlation. There’s a difference between causation and correlation. The China Study mistakes correlation for causation.

2.Most meat eaters get their food from grain fed, non organic factories that are filled with hormones. This isn’t super healthy grass fed meat. When you eat grass fed meat, you get non hormonally enhanced meat that’s high in precious nutrients like omega-3 fish oil, CLA and vitamin E.

3.Most people that are heavy meat eats don’t eat enough vegetables, fruits or fiber.

4. I bet most meat eaters have a ton of lifestyle stress.

Now I know some people are going to bring up the China Study. So before you do, please see this post, China Study Criticism

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  1. Ron
    8 years ago

    I think you’ve confused plant-based with vegetarian. Plant-based means you eat mostly plants, and get most of your calories from plants, mainly carbohydrates, usually. ALL of the Blue Zone populations eat plant-based diets, but only one, the Seventh-Day Adventists of Loma Linda, was mostly vegetarian.

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