Why is it so hard to keep it off, Part 3

At this point, we’ve discussed active and passive calorie burning and examined the idea of adaptive thermogenesis. We’ve looked at the idea that you can burn more calories then the weight that you lose. Now we’re going to discuss the body fat set point and if we’re doomed to failure due to ours or if we can make a change to it.

Metabolism slows as we lose pounds and it’s greater then the amount of weight that we lose. So it’s safe to assume that’s why we regain all the weight, our metabolism is slow. WRONG!

A slow metabolism due to weight loss isn’t the main reason why we regain the weight that we lost. Studies have shown that are metabolism only drops by about 150 calories per day, that’s really nothing.

How is all of this possible if we’re still training hard? Our bodies have managed to become more efficient at that level of activity, we burn less from the same amount of work. Studies have reported up to a 35% decrease in calorie burning due to improved efficiency.  This can amount to upwards of 500 calories less burned when we look at our metabolism slowing down.

So it’s why we plateau in our weight loss but  also why our weight regain is so easy. A study done on obese people (I know, I know) where the subjects had lost 23.2% of their weight but operated at just 75.7% of their potential energy efficiency.  The decrease in their activity, not their metabolism, accounted for upwards of 600 calories not burned!

Is more exercise the answer?

In the research world, more exercise clearly prevents weight regain. For example, one study compared subjects who expended 1000 calories to those that expended 2500 calories. The subjects that expended 2500 calories were able to prevent the weight regain.

Can we decrease the setpoint with more activity?

While certainly a viable option in the lab, can we really do more work in the real world to prevent weight regain? In an ideal lifestyle, we’d be able to spend extra time in the gym to avoid this weight regain scenario but we can’t. What can we do?

The key is a combined program with specific training, supplementation and nutrition. That’s exactly what I offer in the Stay Lean manual. Click here for more strategies, tricks and methods to stay lean year round.

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