Why is it so hard to keep weight off?

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I bet you know someone that has dieted for a little bit, lost some weight and looked great then gained it ALL back. Maybe that has happened to you and you can’t figure out WHY it happens.

You even see it with celebrities who have all the money in the world to hire cooks and trainers to literally plan their weight loss out hour after hour but they can’t even keep it off. A recent study has shown that only 17% of Americans are able to maintain a 10% weight loss after one year of dieting.

That’s just crazy…

Why does it happen?

Here’s what we know…

1. Losing weight happens when you eat less (food intake) and burn more (energy expenditure).

2. Your body does whatever it can to resist weight loss. If you’re used to eating a certain amount of calories then drop those calories, you get hungry and eat more which raises the amount of food coming in.

3. It doesn’t just happen with food either. Your body doesn’t just respond by making you eat more food, your body also regulates your metabolism which causes you to burn LESS in the gym.

So why is it so hard to keep the weight off?

First, let’s look at the three ways to burn calories during the day.

1) Your “metabolism” or known to those in research as your resting energy expenditure. This is the number of calories that you burn to maintain your daily life functions and is regulated by your muscle mass and body fat. On average this accounts for about 50-70% of daily caloric burn in most people. Active individuals will be lower on the scale.

2) Your active energy expenditure  refers to the number of calories that you burn due to any type of physical activity from working out to mowing the lawn to standing up and sitting down burn the day. ANY physical activity will cause some caloric burn.The amount of calories that you can burn here range from 15-35% depending on how active you are.

3) Your food, better known as the thermic effect of feeding. Basically, you’ll burn a certain amount of calories depending on your food choices. This can range from anywhere to 5-10% depending on your food composition at the end of the day.

In part two you’ll discover…

-If we can raise the powerful effects of resting energy expenditure through our food intake.

-If our body becomes more energy efficient ¬†or less if we eat less calories then we’re used to.

So how do these three important measures change when you lose weight? How do they change when you go back to to a “normal” eating pattern?

At least 15 comments on the blog and I’ll be back tomorrow with part 2.

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  1. horhay
    8 years ago

    jimmy some people are just fat AND/OR lazy if they dont put in the effort they will not see any lasting change .maybe sticking to a plan and re assessing goals and strategies of reaching those goals would help.instead of wasting time on the net maybe some exercise might also help these people

  2. LeAnn
    8 years ago

    Tell us more …

  3. Raymond-ZenMyFitness
    8 years ago

    The magical words here is “diet”, they don’t work long term .. its all about nutritional & lifestyle changes essentially if you need to create a new mindset.
    Get this right and you don’t need to worry about counting calories, being careful of foods you eat, weighing yourself every 5 minutes .. they fat lose will happen.

  4. Aaron
    8 years ago

    comment for part 2.

  5. Michael
    8 years ago

    Tell. Atleast to the people who commented

  6. nelson
    8 years ago

    agree with raymond they dont make there diet long term and they dont make it a habit nd also they dont live the fit life like we do

  7. Nick
    8 years ago

    I lost a bunch of weight 4 yrs ago & have kept 95% of it off. I constantly think about nutrition, research it & change up my strategies. I don’t get alot of support from my wife (she thinks I’m obsessive & she’s probably right) so I’d much prefer a simpler, less stressful way to keep it off if there is one. Look forward to Part 2.

  8. Michelle
    8 years ago

    No wonder it always seems so easy not to mention how quickly our bodies go right back to “normal” in no time at all……..so interesting Jimmy….what?! what?! is part two???

  9. sfoster
    8 years ago

    interested to hear more

  10. JKing
    8 years ago

    Looking forward to more..

  11. Marshall
    8 years ago

    Gotta intake food and calories that are appropriate for how active a person is. I’ve been doing this for over a year and have managed my weight pretty well. Its easy to put weight on, so I am careful. I have certain areas or pockets of fat that I’m hopeful I’ll loose. I’m a 57 yr old man, 5’9″, currently 164 lbs and still wish to trim up, get the six pack to show, loose the fat around the waist area, etc.

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