Why Paleo Dieting Is Wrong: Listen Up Crossfitters

The general theory around paleo eating that since our ancestors didn’t eat grains or dairy and since they didn’t have the common diseases that we see in todays society that we can’t eat those foods.

Here’s why they are dead wrong, it’s not so easy that a caveman can do it.Now I’m not saying that diet approach is  incorrect, their theory is just dead wrong. Same way with the low carbers that tell you to never touch carbs.

Researchers looked at the  biomarkers of our ancestors. They didn’t have our diseases so we should eat that way right?

It’s not a direct observation and there’s a TON of selection bias involved. It’s just an observation.

The paleo community cries foul on observational studies elsewhere in the nutrition world but then turn around and use it to support their claims of their diet.

There’s very little cause and effect science involved in how cavemen ate and what it means to us today in the year 2011 and beyond.

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Their theory is false. They use that theory to generate a hypothesis but  it doesn’t establish cause and effect. It’s correlation vs cause like I wrote about here.

Well if our ancestors didn’t eat the food then how could they adapt to it?

History lesson: Species after species have traveled and found new foods and started eating them and they adapted and survived. How do I know? Look at every race and color around the global.

We’re not well adapted to grain consumption, that’s the proper way to say it. Slowly remove it then slowly reintroduce it.

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