Why Slow Cardio Stinks

I recently wrote a article on the benefits of interval training but we need to flip the coin and look at why slow cardio stinks. You know almost every email I get (jimmy@jimmysmithtraining.com) or tweet (www.twitterjs.com) concerns fat loss and it usually is from people that can’t burn fat.


Most, if not all, are doing steady state cardio because they feel that they have to. It’s a thing of the past, jump into the future. If just trusting¬† me isn’t enough, here’s a few reasons why slow cardio stinks for fat loss.

  1. You just don’t burn enough calories after the fact. For the most part, you can perform any type of cardio (sprinting, stepping, walking) and only burn a few hundred calories. Big deal, you get about 300 calories from a slice of pizza alone. Burn a few hundred over the course of 20-30 minutes isn’t going to help.
  2. You have to spend too much time. Just as I pointed out above, you end up spending way too much time to burn too few calories. I mean who really enjoys the 30 minutes or so on the treadmill, I don’t. Plus I don’t really have the time anymore.
  3. Nothing happens after. So you burn your 300 calories in 30 minutes then the fat burning stops. Your body burns very few calories after the fact.
  4. It’s boring. I mean I love being in the gym but I find it boring as all heck to peddle on a bike or walk on a treadmill.¬† Plus, most people need to lift weights more than they do so ditch the boring, time wasting cardio.

Is there a better solution? Your darn right there is. Check out all the benefits of interval training and learn how to burn 9 times more fat.

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