Why You Need To Know Your Macronutrient Math

This Post Is A Follow Up To “5 Reasons Why Calories Matter

Hope you guys dug yesterdays post about some of the main reasons why calories matter when you’re trying to lose fat. In my opinion, people make it too hard to burn fat, it’s not that complicated.

Believe me, I’ve tried and failed. I feel your pain. I knew that I needed to find a easier way and I didn’t give up until I found it. I mean, I used to hate ripping my shirt off on the beach after I “dieted”.  Now check out this fuzzy mirror pic I  just took of myself. I mean counting calories, or not counting them for that matter of fact, was wrecking my mojo.

I wanted to be able to look like the people on the cover of Men’s Fitness.

I just needed a easier way of handling my diet.That’s all.

I stink about anything math related. When I was in school, I’d rather have detention for hours then stay in math class.

So when I was first starting to figure out my macronutrient intake(carbohydrates,fats,protein,fiber) I was worried that I’d have to do this crazy math formula

You see Macronutrient Math Made Easy can help change your body, among other ways,because

  1. You’re not obsessing over calories
  2. You get to eat whatever you want, with very little restrictions. This isn’t a lame “cheat by eating junk” approach. It’s a legit way to eat some “forbidden foods”.
  3. Have control over what you eat and when.

Now I could keep telling you all about how doing your macronutrient numbers can change your body. I mean I could keep going on and on about it.

People, both nutrition coaches and regular cats, get so caught up with calories. Now I listed why not counting calories can wreck your body but obsessing over them isn’t cool either.

Eating, say, 2000 calories doesn’t differentiate between protein, carbohydrates and fats.

You need more protein pretty much all the time.

Less carbohydrates, except at specific times and fat is related to carbohydrates.

So if you just eat 2000 calories, you’re going to be focusing on how many calories are in a chicken breasts versus how much protein you need to meet your daily goals.

Plus the formula is super easy to do. You just follow the proven set-up and plug in your numbers based on a few handy charts and you have a precise calculation of what you want.

So let me sum it up like this. Do you want to follow a bland template that decides what foods you should eat based on some ceiling of calories or do you want to decide what your body needs and eat what you want to achieve those numbers?

Do you really like what you see in the mirror every morning? Are you really happy with it?  Well you can make the change on Thursday @ 9 am EST with Macronutrient Math Made Easy

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  1. Raymond
    8 years ago

    Cool! I get the idea but it all still seems so complicated. I dont want to calculate anything!! Life is complicated enough, but I prefer to follow a strategy or guidelines rather than formulas. BTW going by just “feeling the calories” I’m about 8-9% bodyfat but it has taken a while to get there

  2. JimmySmith
    8 years ago

    Raymond-Great point. That’s why it’s “made easy” :). You see, it really is a system as opposed to a formula. It’s not like your going to be doing any complex formula or anything. It’s a “done for you” type system.

  3. Himani
    8 years ago

    cool beans!!

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