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Nick Edge has a small cult following like on bodyspace, which is bodybuilding.com’s social network. He popped up some pictures of his six pack abs and things just blew up from there. So what are his fat loss training and diet secrets?

Q: How’d you get into working out Nick?

A:I’ve always been an active person, even as a child. Being the smallest
kid out of all my friends and peers I got teased quite a bit. In some
cases I even got teased by family. This really got to me over the years
and I got sick of it. I got sick of being the smallest, skinniest kid out
of the group. I started to read up on bodybuilding and nutrition in high
school, it was then that I got my first gym membership to SuperBodies gym
out here in Orange County. I was just a runt, but so eager to learn. I got
a ton of insight and advice from some of the older guys at the gym.
Started reading more and more and training harder and harder. What was
simply an interest, a hobby.. turned into a passion and a lifestyle.

Q: How hard is it for you to stay on your six pack diet every day?

A: I totally agree, it is hard..the daily grind of it all, the pain and
the sacrifices we make to reach those goals. Seeing how far I have come
since being a 115lb high school kid is what keeps me motivated. Not
wanting to be that person I was back in high school keeps me motivated.
The photo shoot opportunities( fitness model), the magazine features, the sponsorship contracts and my family, friends and fans are what keep me motivated. It has been such an unreal last couple of years and just 5 years ago all this

that is happening now was just a wild dream of mine, just like any other
kid. I am so thankful for it all and always will be.

Q: What’s the deal with cardio? Do you do a lot of it?

A: Now this is where you are going to hate me Jimmy but I do not do any
cardio at all..yes, my metabolism takes care of it.  I try to eat as clean
as possible having a nice dinner out maybe twice a month. I hit abs 3
times a week for about 20-25 minutes. My ab workout consists of cable
crunches for uppers and mids, decline crunches for uppers and mids and leg
lifts. I stick within 20-30 reps for 4 sets each. I do not hit obliques
directly however I do add a twist here and there on cables and declines to
hit them.

Q: What’s the key to staying in shape year round?

A:. Yes, I try to stay in shape year round. I keep my diet clean, but do
eat quite a bit. In order to maintain I have to eat every 2 hours
otherwise I will lose weight. I keep my protein intake high, carbs
moderate and fat low. I just recently went on a slow\steady\clean bulk so
I could monitor the changes in my body and add\subtract whatever I needed
to in order to reach my goal. I am currently on a lower calorie diet now
since I am back to shredding up for Summer..but it is still higher than
most due to yes…the metabolism. Sometimes I think my metabolism can be
my enemy..but I am reassured by friends that it isn’t and that I will be
thankful for it when I am older which I can understand. I do allow myself
a cheat meal here and there about twice a month and I have to really
convince myself that it is ok. We all need to allow ourselves a reward
once in awhile.

Q: How’d you get sponsored in the first place?
A:I actually emailed Controlled Labs and told them how much I loved their
supplements and how much they have helped me in reaching my goals. I
included a link to my BodySpace as well. The next morning I woke up and
checked emails and saw that I received one back from Controlled Labs, I
was so excited because I didn’t expect them to email me back. They asked
if I would like to  be on the team as a Controlled Labs Sponsored Natural
Athlete..my jaw dropped and I woke up my wife. It had always been a dream
of mine to be sponsored by a supplemental company, specially a reputable
one. I said yes of course! They’ve been awesome and have treated me so
well, it’s been an honor being on the team.

Q: You’ve had some photoshoots done by some pretty well known people.
A: Yes, I was contacted by Ian L. Sitren who shoots for Bodybuilding.com
and asked if I would like to appear in IronMan Magazine for a BodySpace
Feature. I said YEAH! I couldn’t believe it, I was going to be in a
magazine..a dream I have had for years! It was such an awesome experience
and Ian is such an awesome guy. I had a great time. I owe so much to
Bodybuilding.com and Bodyspace.com. I wouldn’t be where I’m at now without

Q: So how does someone else become the next Nick Edge?
A: It’s all about exposure. Get your name out there. If you want
something, go get it..it’s there and will be until you get it or give up.
You’ve got to jump on every opportunity you’ve got. Ask for help or advice
from the ones who have made it and accomplished what you’re looking to

Here’s a link to my BodySpace, Twitter and company Sacrifice & Honor.

– http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/XNickEdgeX/

– http://twitter.com/XNickEdgeX

– http://www.shathletics.com/

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  1. Kylee
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    Awesome body, great info and a great confidence booster.
    Thanks Nick…

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