Your Macronutrient Math Made Easy Questions Answered

Hope your diet is going well. Man, sometimes diets get some complex or so restrictive that I just get angry. And like the Incredible Hulk, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

I love all the feedback and questions that I’ve been getting about the Macronutrient Math Made Easy System

I knew that this system would help people but the genuine excitement that some of you have expressed is so amazing.

The dieting world is starting to realize that the old school way of dieting, which is basically just a lighter form of deprivation of food that  Sean Connery suffered from in The Rock, isn’t the way to go.

Since I’ve been getting hit with a bunch of questions, I wanted to address some of the more common ones.

1. Doesn’t this require me to do some math? I’d rather follow a done for you system.

I’m going to be real. You do have to spend about three minutes doing math. This isn’t some “sexy’ looking “done for you” meal plan that doesn’t work for your body. This actually works and it’s actually personalized, unlike other programs.

This is a plug and play system to a better body and it works to your metabolism.  So if you don’t want to spend two to three minutes ONE time, setting this up then go buy a done for you meal plan. That’s about the lowest quality option out there.

2. When does Macronutrient Math Made Easy open?

It’s open tomorrow, Thursday, @ 12 EST/9 am PST.

Get this though. For anyone that purchases Macronutrient Math On Thursday–as long as you do it before midnight PST. I’m going to GIVE you one of my  training programs for FREE that doesn’t include the bonuses with MMME.

Just tell me which of the the following programs that you want and it’s yours.

12 week arm workout

4 week interval training workout

4 week metabolism boosting workout

3. How much does it cost?

For the first two days (Thursday and Friday) you can get MMME for just $50.

After that, and I 100% mean it, the price will go up to $70. So you save $20 bucks by jumping into it early.

4.  Can I use MMME if this is my first time dieting? Is it only for hardcore dieters?

Yes, you can certainly use MMME as your first diet. As a matter of fact, if this is your first time dieting down, you’ll love the ease and variety of food in MMME.

It’s not just for hardcore people. If you want to eat a variety of foods, including some that you LOVE, then this is your diet.

5. How is MMME delivered?

You’ll get it instantly in a “members only” download section. I may even throw in some extra surprises :).

This way you can start taking ACTION right away.

6. Is the product guaranteed?

Yes it is, I’m taking all the risk. You have none! It’s backed by a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee.

Plus, I include a “I’ll pay you back guarantee”. Which means that if you follow the diet for the entire 12 weeks and aren’t 100% happy with your results. I’ll give you all the money you paid for plus an extra $20 bucks on top of it.

7. How important is macronutrient math for dieting?

It’s everything!!!!

Following a calorie controlled diet doesn’t differentiate between protein, carbohydrates and fats and your body.

Following some cookie cutter template that has you eating , say, 1700 calories doesn’t address your specific body type, age, metabolism or training intensity.

You can literally eat whatever you want on this diet, provided that it fits into your macronutrient numbers. This program is that money!

8. In what ways can MMME help me get the stomach and body that I want this summer?

Step one-We establish a baseline approach for your body to start losing upwards of 3 pounds per week.

Step two- You begin to see noticeable changes in your body during the 1st week. And you keep progressing without hitting a plateau.

Step three- If you follow the system from day one until whenever you finish dieting, you follow a predictable outcome slope. No guess work. You”ll know how you’ll look in a week or two.

So get ready, tomorrow you’ll have the chance to grab Macronutrient Math Made Easy and change your body forever.

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