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Jimmy’s 12 week arm training program with a step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to get biger and more defined arms. Plus you get a 30 minute mp3 detailing Jimmy’s advanced arm training secrets.





12 Weeks To A Bigger Chest



If you struggle to “feel” your chest when you train it and struggle to develop a muscular and detailed chest then you need this 12 week chest specialization program. Combined with Jimmy’s 30 minute mp3 presentation detailing techniques on how to build a big chest, this is the workout you need for a bigger chest.









The cure for small shoulders. This 12 week detailed shoulder training guide walks you through exactly how to build bigger shoulders. Your shoulder workout is broken down into three different stages of accumulation, intensification and explosion to make sure we hit every muscle fiber possible. Combined with Jimmy’s 30 minute shoulder training MP3.








Nothing defines a physique better then a nice, muscular back. With Jimmy’s advanced three stage program you’ll experience better back pumps and you’ll quickly develop sexy detail in just 12 weeks. While your training listen to Jimmy’s advanced back training technique MP3 that comes FREE.