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A Breakthrough Article By Jimmy Smith,MS,CSCS-Body Transformation Expert

Dear Friend,

Let’s get this right out of the way, right now…

Have you ever wondered why you struggle to burn fat and get ripped?

Does it seem like your metabolism is working in slow motion?

Well if you’re like me and millions of other people out there who have suffered through harsh diet after harsh diet with little, if any, results to show for it, then you’re probably sick and tired of using low carb diet.

Do you like?

  • Feeling hungry ALL the time?
  • Constantly feeling RUN down and having NO energy?
  • Eliminating ALL carbs and some of your favorite foods from your diet?
  • Lowered fat burning hormones that make it harder to lose stomach fat?
  • Loss of strength and even precious muscle?

On this EXACT page, I’m going to reveal the ONE main reason why your body will not ALLOW you to lose stubborn fat and get ripped.Then I’m going to provide you with the most advanced, strategic and fastest plan to help you SUPERCHARGE your average metabolism in as little as 10 days….

The Problem:Counting Calories Has NEVER Worked

As I started getting hired by elite mixed martial artists and NHL athletes, I began to look deeper and deeper into the actual research behind fast and permanent fat loss.

I came to a startling conclusion…

The old “law of thermodynamics” otherwise known as “calories in versus calories out” just flat out DOESN’T worked and has NEVER worked.

The theory is that if you eat less calories than you burn you’ll lose weight and get ripped.

Maybe it worked for a week but it doesn’t work for 3 months or 3 years to achieve that lean look at you want.

How many times have you cut calories to lose weight only to continually find yourself hitting a wall time and time again?

You end up burning yourself out because you figure that you need to eat even LESS than you did before?

Eventually you’re eating 1200 calories and working out for 2 hours 7 days a week.

There’s a HUGE difference between “weight” loss and “fat” loss.

Want to lose a lot of weight fast?

  • Lose a lot of water weight
  • Lose a lot of muscle
  • Lose a tiny bit of fat

You know what else will happen to you? You’ll be a left with a metabolism so damaged from the lack of calories and hours of exercise that you minute you start to raise your calories again you’ll gain A LOT of weight back FAST

The Truth:Fat Loss Has ZERO To Do With The Amount Of Calories You Eat

Long term caloric restriction just flat out DOESN’T work. It attempts to make fat loss a math problem. The FACT is, when you restrict calories and eliminate certain foods from your diet, all you’re left with is INTENSE hunger and the metabolism of a SLOTH.

This creates an interesting problem however. If you have to create a caloric deficit to lose fat but a diet with less calories is BAD for long term body composition then how do you create a favorable fat loss environment?

The Solution:Experience The Physique Formula

Do you want to read 767 research papers on insulin sensitivity, cortisol regulation, leptin resistance, epigenetics, and lipolysis?

Do you want to take the long hours working with 536 clients including over 130 physique competitors, 15 elite mixed martial artists and 1 world champion to “perfect” a system so that everyone can benefit, not just elite athletes?

I have…

As I continued to work with elite athletes and physique competitors I got neck deep in fat loss research. I read countless hard to find metabolism and hormones journal, I interviewed hundreds of doctors and other functional medicine practitioners. Along the way I develop a POWERFUL line of thinking—to question EVERYTHING that we BLINDLY accepted as fact…

Fitness magazines and big supplement companies WANT you to turn a blind eye and eat the same garbage and use the same low calorie, restrictive diets so you get so frustrated that you have NO OTHER CHOICE but to turn to their OVERPRICED and WORTHLESS fat burners….

That’s why I HAD to release The Physique Formula, I had to give you a BETTER, FASTER and HEALTHIER way to burn body fat and get ripped.

The program normally costs $35.00 but today I’m going to give you an insane offer. You can TEST Drive the Physique Formula for just $4.95, if you like it, keep it and you’ll be billed just $29.99 once. If you don’t, just email me and you’ll never be charged again.

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What Is The Physique Formula and Will It Work For Me?

The Physique Formula lays out a complete “black ops” guide to reprogramming your ,no doubt, damaged metabolism while firing up your natural fat burning hormones so that you transform into a leaner, more defined version of your current self in less than 30 days.

Let me ask you, in the next 30 days wouldn’t you like to

  • Reverse low libido
  • Defeat chronic depression
  • Overcome nervous anxiety
  • Drop extra body fat
  • Eliminate sweet junk food cravings
  • Fix any and ALL sleep issues
  • Halt common degenerative diseases

Listen, I don’t sugar coat a freaking thing in The Physique Formula when it comes to helping you SPEED UP your fat loss. That’s not my style. Following The Physique Formula is what helped me transform myself from a skinny, pencil neck geek to a ripped and lean athletic looking handsome SOB. This same system system helped countless


Still Skeptical? If The Physique Formula Worked For Them It Can Work For You Too

“I wish I could give Jimmy a before and after picture but weight loss was never my goal.I had trouble sleeping for the past few months and my doctor put me on all types of prescription medicine while never looking at my stomach bacteria. Jimmy assessed my gut health and put him on a 2 month system. Now not only do I sleep better but I have more energy and stamina then ever.”
Henry- 48 year old Kansas City

“I was on various medications for both high blood pressure and high cholesterol for years and while I would change my diet, nothing improved. I found Jimmy through his youtube channel and hired him. He urged me to buy specific foods instead of getting caught up in organic vs nonorganic. Once I followed his suggestions we were able to lower my blood pressure from 170/111 to 120/70 and my bad cholesterol dropped from 160 to 105. Thanks again Jimmy”
Anthony 55 Baltimore
“I contacted Jimmy after reading one of his articles on hockey training. I needed to drop my bodyfat while increasing my core strength. After a phone consultation with Jimmy I knew that he didn’t think like your typical trainer or nutritionist. Once I got my nutrition plan I realized that this was going to be different. Well I showed up to camp with lower bodyfat, better slap shot power and more joint mobility.”
Ben 24 OHL Hockey Player


Introducing The Physique Formula

  • Chapter One: How Lies Spread. In this chapter I’ll go deeper into the nonsense that is “calories in vs calories out” and detail why it’s not what you put into your mouth that matters but what gets into your cells that counts. You’ll learn how to avoid being obsessed with the scale and why any diet that tells you to eliminate any one food group is for amateurs.
  • Chapter Two: Hormone Manipulation. Chapter two begins where chapter one leads off, illustrating how vital your hormones are for fat loss and how you can safely and efficiently manipulate these hormones in your FAVOR to lose stubborn fat and get that lean, chiseled look you’ve been after
  • Chapter Three: Food Deception. In this chapter you’ll learn why choosing organic foods ISN’T always better for your health and body.You’ll learn the difference between the terms “grass fed” “free range, “organic” “all natural” and what they really mean for your health. You’ll save at least $50 per month after reading this chapter.
  • Chapter Four: Stealth Fat Storage: Chapter four is eye opening because it details the #1 toxic ingredient that you’re consuming at least 5 times per day. Without you knowing it, this leads to chronic allergies, immune system suppression so you continually get sick, joint pain and insulin resistance. Have trouble getting your lower abs leans? Chapter four will solve that for you.
  • Chapter Five:The PF Meal Plan. Chapter five looks at various different meal plan options and there effects on your metabolism. Can you get lean eating one meal per day or sould you eat 6 meals every 2 hours? The TRUTH will shock you
  • Chapter Six:How To Reverse “Permanent” Joint Pain. Chapter six was my favorite to write because I completely lay the smackdown on anyone that thinks their age determines their joint pain. AGE DOESN’T matter. Follow chapter six to GET RID OF JOINT PAIN.
  • Chapter Seven: Nutrient Deficiencies. In this chapter I address the most common nutrient deficiencies that lead to increased stress and fat gain. Simply correcting 4 of these deficiencies can have a huge impact on your fat loss.
  • Chapter Eight: Got The Guts. Chapter 8 is all about healing your gut. You can eat as much protein and take as many supplements as you want but if you aren’t fixing your gut issues, you’ll absorb virtually NONE of those supplements resulting in even LESS gains.
  • Chapter Nine :Supercharge Your Growth Hormone: In this chapter I lay out, step-by-step, the ultimate plan for super charging your growth hormone level for lean, defined muscle quickly.
  • Chapter Ten: The Physique Formula Diet. This is the “nuts and bolts” I go over everything that you’ll ever need to know when it comes to fat loss nutrition. This is equal to getting a masters degree in getting lean, ripped and hard.



FREE Bonuses

The Physique Formula Genetic Manipulation Audio

Bonus #1: An entire field, known as epigenetics, exists on a NASA type level to examine how we can manipulate and change our genetics from meal to meal and day to day. These POWERFUL facts, which aren’t heavily reported in today’s fitness literature, have a profound impact on how how we can change and manipulate our body to achieve the look we want WHILE improving our health and reducing the risk of getting various diseases like cancer.

The Physique Formula Quickstart Checklist

Bonus #2: Alright, so you’re ready to begin and you want to make sure you have everything lined up for success.Not a problem, I’m proving you with a quickstart checklist to GUARANTEE that it’s smooth sailing for you from here on out.

The Physique Formula Success Notebook

Bonus #3: I “spill the beans” in this success notebook and hand you every little tweak, change and detail that I personally make with my clients in my offices. Considering that my services start at $125 per hour, this bonus is high valuable. Long gone are the days of wondering what to do next, this notebook is like a complete other diet program in itself. Want to lose a little more lower ab fat? How about tightening up your love handles? This book deals with all of it.

The Physique Formula Supplement Blueprint

Bonus #4: In this manual I outline my most effective supplement protocols to accelerate your results. Supplements aren’t “required” for this program but the right plan can and WILL make a HUGE difference in your physique and this guide ensures that you have the most customized recommendations directly from me.


And You Can Start Today For Just $4.95, Pay The Rest AFTER You’ve Seen Results. How’s That For A NO Risk Offer?

But What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?

Then It’s ALL Free

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason you aren’t 100% convinced that the Physique Formula is the right nutrition way of life for you then just email me and I’ll happily refund every red cent you paid. After all, I have my professional reputation on the line here so I’m not one of these internet shame artists. I work with people every day to better their health, performance and physique and I want to help you too, that’s why I’m offering a 60 day, JST STRENGTH, 100% money back guarantee


Inside The Physique Formula You’ll Discover..

  • How you took 5 years (minimum) off of your life without knowing it! (Don’t worry, you’ll learn how to quickly reverse it)
  • Why the traditional ways to dieting just flat out suck!
  • The A-Z system for making ANY diet work for your lifestyle and goals
  • Why the majority of fitness trainers and nutrition coaches are flat out LYING to you
  • How to raise your growth hormone levels NATURALLY
  • The 1,2,3 system for getting rid of and preventing a cold 99% of the time
  • How to “reverse” permanent pain and injuries.
  • Why you never need to eliminate another food group again
  • How whole grains are at the root of all your health problems
  • The EASY way to eat less protein while making it work BETTER for you
  • My simple allergy fix
  • Why popular methods of fasting are making you FAT
  • How to manipulate every hormone in your body naturally
  • How I manage to eat two HUGE bowls of spaghetti every week
  • My quick start system for helping my MMA athletes get ripped FAST!

Who’s Jimmy Smith?

  • Former “skinny fat” guy who transformed himself into a ripped and muscular dude.
  • A nutrition consultant for top MMA athletes
  • A featured author in Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, MMA Worldwide, Tapout, Maximum Fitness, CBS Sports and
  • The cool dude behind JimmySmithTraining

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I believe that the Physique Formula can work for me?

A:The Physique Formula isn’t just some cookie cutter diet. You’ll learn how to change and modify everything that goes into having a better, leaner high performance body. In the past you’ve tried different diets like high carb, low fat or any of the other popular approaches that popped up online. The Physique Formula shows you how to adjust for each goal.

Q: Is this just the same fat loss advice over and over again?

A: Not really. I wrote the Physique Formula over the course of 1-2 years continually tweaking it and adding new information as I went along myself. You’ll find sections on digestive health, joint support, regeneration, recovery and more. If you’re a man looking to lose fat then you’ll enjoy it. Hey, it’s less then $5!

Q: Can women use the Physique Formula?

A: You better believe it. This isn’t some guys only diet. I’ll show you how to manage the bad estrogen while maximizing your fat burning and improving stubborn areas like your hamstrings and glutes.

Q: Can I use this program if I’m getting ready for a bodybuilding or figure show?

A; Yes you can. I give you all the tools that you need to get lean. Heck, email me a week out from your show and I’ll give you FREE advice for your water manipulation as well. Anyone that is looking for a fat burning diet will do well with this plan.

Q: How many weeks do I have to diet for?

A: The best part of this program is that there is no set limit. I give you everything you need to do in order to get lean, you’ll get all of my fat burning nutrition tricks for men then I’ll even give you evaluation reports to make sure you’re on track.

Q: Is The Physique Formula hard to follow?

A: No, I don’t have you meal plans and make you eat exactly what I tell you to. You have the ultimate freedom to pick and choose your foods. As long as you follow my principles you’ll see results. Most people report feeling better about food.

Q: Do I get cheat meal?

A: Yes but you’ll have more freedom to pick and choose your foods. You’ll still get to eat pizza, burgers, cookies or whatever you want. Just make sure to follow the principles.

Q: How long until I start seeing results?

A: As is the case with no other fat burning diet, you’ll start to get results right away. You’ll feel better within a few days and should see some bodyfat losses within a week.

Q: How much do you charge for shipping?

A: There is no shipping. You’ll be instantly taken to a download page when you complete your purchase.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: I’m giving you a $4.95 trial for a limited time of 10 days. You get to put all my nutrition gold to practice for 10 days. If you like it, do nothing and I’ll charge you the remaining $29.99 ten days after your purchase.

If there are any questions please contact me at

And You Can Start Today For Just $4.95, Pay The Rest AFTER You’ve Seen Results. How’s That For A NO Risk Offer?

But What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?

Then It’s ALL Free

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason you aren’t 100% convinced that the Physique Formula is the right nutrition way of life for you then just email me and I’ll happily refund every red cent you paid. After all, I have my professional reputation on the line here so I’m not one of these internet shame artists. I work with people every day to better their health, performance and physique and I want to help you too, that’s why I’m offering a 60 day, JST STRENGTH, 100% money back guarantee