Who Else Wants To Start 2010 Off By Using An Innovative Training Technique That Sheds BodyFat With Just Three Exercises And Takes Only 12 Minutes?

No, this is not a gimmick or hype. If you’ve read any of my work for any amount of time then you know that I am as real as they come in the fitness industry.

I don’t believe in ab belts…

I hate the idea of fat loss creams…

I even hate the typical 3 workouts for 30 minutes per week programs….

But I’ve stumbled upon an innovative and unique tweak that condenses your entire workout into three exercises and only takes 12 minutes.

How can I ethically make such a claim?

It’s easy, you see the Resurrection Workout is based on a simple, yet unknown training method called pace intervals.

Most everyone has heard of interval training right? You perform some all out work for 30-60 seconds followed by equal or greater time doing some low intensity work.

Well intervals work great for you when you’re running or doing any type of cardio but intervals like that can’t be used for weight training. And during weight training, the most fat loss occurs. The problem is that interval training can’t be used for weight training.

So If Intervals Work Great During Cardio For Fat Loss And Weight Training Burns The Most Fat, How Do We Combine The Two?

I’ve created Pace Intervals and they will torch stomach fat off of your mid-section like no other technique.

They are so powerful that all you have to do is perform 3 full body exercise is in a row. That’s it!

A typical pace interval workout will look like the following

Exercise # 1: Squats

Exercise # 2: Squat To Shoulder Press

Exercise # 3: Bent Over Row

That’s it! As a matter of fact, you do all three in a row, non-stop.

So How Can Just Three Exercises Done In A Row Help You Get Leaner?

The secret is in the pace interval system that I reveal, for the first time, in The Resurrection Workout. With this four week workout system, a lack of time will never stop you from developing a tight and lean body.

Plus To JumpStart Your Fat Loss I’m Going To Throw In My 2010 QuickStart Nutrition Guide.

To help you build that tight and lean body faster and easier, I’m going to throw in my 2010 Quickstart Nutrition Guide that will show you exactly how to set-up a healthy fat loss life style. Plus it included my tips and tricks for continued fat loss.

You Get The 4 Week Resurrection Workout Featuring My Groundbreaking  Pace Interval System Plus My 2010 Quick Start Nutrition Guide For Just $29.99