Adidas Adipure Review

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In their promotional video, Adidas claims that their new adipure shoe is for athletes to “train in the raw to be better on the field”. Similar claims have been made by other shoe companies in this new era of barefoot, minimalist training. Athletes are looking for the bigger, stronger, faster edge and every minute of their off season training counts.

Much of the current strength and conditioning and injury research has been focusing on the lower leg, specifically the knee and ankles, and the key role that they play in athletic performance as well as injury prevention. So how does the Adipure by Adidas stack up for improving the stability of my ankles and feet in various athletic competitions?

As a former college basketball player and now a well known strength and conditioning trainer, I know about the importance of proper training mechanics. Your feet possess the greatest amount of mechanoreceptors. Think of mechanoreceptors as small satellites sending your feet messages. The previous state of performance footwear has focused on ankle protection so much that some theorize that the extra protection as actually locked up the ankle joint thus making it harder for us to cut and move.

Adidas aims to counteract this with the Adipure which will allow our feet and ankles to increase stability while simulating the actual angles that your lower leg goes through during various athletic endeavors.Myself and my female assistant both tried the Adipure performance shoes over the course of 1 month.


We weight trained with the show on for four days per week. The workouts consisted of jump training, single leg explosive work and short yard sprints.

Our combined notes

Pros: We both noticed less ankle pain when compared to other low support sneakers. While the adipure will never be mistaken for a high top, we did not feel “naked” or limited by the lack of support.

I noticed an improvement in the initial toe off stage of a vertical jump. Could it be because my feet could actually grip the floor better thus storing more potential energy? We’ll cover that in a bit.

Both of our deadliest increased, mine by 30 pounds and hers by 17 pounds. I attribute this to a better connection with the floor. Traditional footwear limits your actual ground contact force. In the powerlifting world there exists a term known as “spreading the floor” which allows you to activate your gluteus muscles for a better technique pull. We both noticed an increased ability while wearing the adipure that we lost when we wore different sneakers


Cons: While not a “con” per say, our feet were sore for the first two to three days when wearing the adipure. Many individuals might back off wearing them because they aren’t used to pain when wearing a new pair of sneakers.This really isn’t an Adipure issue. Your plantar fascia is actually stretching and getting used to doing more work. This will LIMIT and REDUCE the chances of getting plantar pain, an injury that prevents athletic performance.


You just have to take your time getting used to them. Don’t jump right in on day one. Take it slow.

Overall I’m going to give them a 4 out of 5. I’ve worn various minimalist type sneakers in the past so I’m a good judge. I like them and will continue to wear them.


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