Alistair Overeem MMA Workout and Training Routine

alistair overeem workout
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Q: So tell us a little bit about you. How did you get into training and bodybuilding? What motivates you to keep it up?

Since I’m known for writing articles about mma nutrition and mma training programs, I get asked a lot of questions concerning individual fighter workouts. The question is concerning Alistair Overeem and his workout and training program.

Question: Alistair Overeem claims to have built 40 pounds of the muscle in the last few years since he moved from light heavyweight to heavyweight. Have you heard anything about his workouts?

Answer: The “Reem” Alistair Overeem has certainly built an impressive physique in the past few years at 6’5 despite his previous body image which was lean and skinny. I’m 6’6 so I know how hard it is to gain size without getting fat and I can appreciate how someone his height would have to work very hard to gain that weight. While I don’t have any direct insist into his training program, I did discover a few things about his workouts from watching his documentary.

This specific clip comes when he was in Korea attempting to win the K-1 kickboxing tournament so keep in mind that he didn’t have a state of the art facility. Alistair made a comment, after a few intense hill sprints, that high intensity training was the only way to go. He said training this way was what helped me for all these years to become an elite mixed martial artist. Then you see clips of him doing chin ups, upright rows (I’m not a huge fan of upright rows however, click here to learn why upright rows are bad for your shoulders) push ups, the neck harness and more hill sprints.

Could that type of training lead to that much increased muscle mass? It’s possible but not likely. High intensity intervals, as I often discuss, are a fantastic method of training for both hormonal health and fat loss. Hill sprints are a great cardio alternative.

Another thing with Alistair that we must factor in is that his skill work does burn a good amount of calories so he’s able to consume large volumes of food to recover and that never hurts his muscle building process.

My pick of the fight: Brock Lesnar vs Alistair Overeem? Overeem by KO round one.

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