Arnold Classic 2010 Figure Review

Figure at the 2010 Arnold Classic definitely ushered in kind of a new era or almost ushered in a new era.

Nicole Wilkins-Lee who was the reigning Ms. Olympia coming in and she won again.  She added another title to her impressive resume.  She won the Arnold two years ago so that’s two years in a row running.

Erin Stern,I definitely see a future Ms. Figure Olympia.  A long flowing body. Great symmetry, great conditioning.  Maybe if she came in a little softer they would have gave it to her.  I think the thing that the judges liked about Nicole Wilkins-Lee is she has that soft flowing look like she may not even look like she works out that much.

Erin Stern was a little harder and if Eric can pull that back she can definitely step up and be a threat at the Olympia and the Arnold in 2011.

Heather Mae French finished third. Heather’s always a crowd favorite.  She was stunning.  She did not have the detail that Erin Stern had.  So I definitely could see that justified placing.

Coming in fourth was Mindi Smith.  Mindi, I thought should have been higher.  I actually had Mindy as potential Arnold Classic champion.  I thought Mindi should have been at least in the second to third conversation, possibly even the first.  Mindy was really good, especially with the night show. She looked fantastic, great stage presence.

Felicia Romero’s suit was a little distracting but other then that Felicia was point on. Felicia has potential, she has the look and her physique is good enough to win but her night wasn’t tonight.

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