Arnold Classic 2010 Fitness Review

Fitness at the 2010 Arnold Classic  was interesting.

Trish Warren,who placed fourth at the Arnold, had a very great warrior kind of routine, a fantastic routine. Trish looked really good. Felt like she looked a little tighter in the waist. So good fourth place finish for Trish. I had her maybe coming up third.

Tanji Johnson’s Michael Jackson tribute may have won her over to the fans. She was lean and her presentation was nothing short of great.  She didn’t have that look of too much muscle but she was placed her third; I could see that definitely placed high of Trish Warren there.

Going further on down Julie Palmer had a great 2nd place finish.I would of liked to see more definition in Julie’s hamstrings.  Fantastic routine, very crowd pleasing but Adela was too good on that night.

Adela was the favorite coming in. Great routine, full of a lot of Latin flavor.  A fantastic body on Adelaa.  I can definitely give Odela the props there for the win tonight. her routine matched her physique and they were both very strong.

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