Arnold Classic 2010 Women’s Bodybuilding Review

Let’s move onto the 2010 Arnold Classic Women’s Bodybuilding review.

Going into the 2010 Arnold Classic, everyone knew this was Iris Kyle’s show to lose. If she showed up in the shape that she had at the Olympia contest in 2010, she was going to win and that’s what happened.

Iris was full and had shredded glutes and hamstrings. Her mid section was tight and tapered and she really stood out head and shoulders above the rest.

Coming in second was Yaxeni Garcia and she totally improved her package from previous showings. Tied with Iris for most arnold classic wins Yaxeni couldn’t upset the champ tonight.

Debi Laszewski finished third to Iris and looked incredible as well but she just didn’t have it. There’s nothing that Debi can do to improve, Iris was just too dominate.

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