Arnold Schwarzenegger Arm Workout

What else can be said about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arms? He may have had the best set of arms EVER. What was Arnold’s arm workout like?

It’s a little higher on volume them most people need but drastically increasing your arm training volume for a short period of time can actually be very beneficial for increasing size. Keep in mind, you must eat more food if you want bigger arms .

Overtraining doesn’t exist.

You just need to realize that since you’re doing more volume to lose fat or build more muscle, you’ll have to support your body. So here’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arm workout.

  • Barbell curls – 6 sets-6-10 reps;
  • Seated dumbbell curls – 6 sets-6-10 reps;
  • Dumbbell concentration curls – 6 sets-6-10 reps.
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