Ava Cowan Leg Workout

Note: I’ve never spoken to Ava. I admire her work ethic and drive. I’ve pieced together this article from her magazine articles and videos.

Ava Cowan has literally come out of no where in the fitness industry lately. For most people, she’s a new face after signing with Gaspari nutrition and being the lead face in their marketing machine. I’ve known of her for awhile though and have seen her change her body from a far. The biggest question that she gets, I’m assuming, is “what’s ava cowan’s leg workout”?

It may surprise some people that Ava trains hard. She doesn’t do “sissy” workouts, she trains like a bodybuilder. I’ve heard her mention that she trains her legs twice per week. One is a strength or power workout and the other is a more traditional bodybuilding workout or figure model workout while following a fitness model diet

Ava Cowan’s leg workout consists of the basics. She start with barbell squats for about 5-8 reps on her power day or 8-10 reps on her traditional bodybuilding reps.

Next, she’ll hit hack squats to bring up her quads. ¬†She’ll do about 6-8 reps. Hack squats are a fantastic exercise for bringing up your quads, especially in the off-season when bodybuilders are eating more food.

Her third movement is a stiff leg deadlift with a barbell. Ava’s goal here is to hit the hamstring from the glute/ham tie in, which is such an important area in figure training. It’s one of her staples in her leg workout.

For her fourth movement she’ll do some leg extensions with shock training like drop sets or super set training. Doing this allows her quads to get some separation and definition.

After that she’ll go to standing leg curls. Standing leg curls are slightly harder than lying curls and ava cowan needs them in her leg workout. This is for higher reps.

She’ll finish up with five sets of 6-8 reps of static lunges just to try to completely fatigue the muscle and bring out her her hamstring and quads.

There you have it, that’s an inside peak at Ava Cowan’s Leg workout. Next we’ll look at the Ava Cowan Diet and The Ava Cowan cardio workout.

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