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When you workout at the same gym for a few months you make friend. I’m not telling you something you don’t know. So you get talking to people and you find out that they are reading all types of bodybuilding training guides and trying to find the best information possible to change their bodies. You ened up talking to one person then his workout buddy comes over then the guy doing crunches next to you start throwing stuff in and before you know it, you’ve got a group of people all talking about bodybuilding.


So the other day I start talking to this guy and sure enough, the same thing happens. Since I have a super-ninja memory, here’s some of the bodybuilding training guide tip that we threw out.

1) Never stay with the same movement too long. In bodybuilding angles matter.

2) Don’t expect to add a inch to any muscle in a few weeks. Natural bodybuilding takes time and effort.

3) Worry about eating more quality food and doing cardio. Not less cardio.

4) Screw straight biceps curls if you want good arm size. Preacher curls and reverse curls rock.

5) If you pick up a bodybuilding training guide make sure that it’s straight to the point.

6) Don’t worry about doing X number of set. There’s no some magical threshold.

7) The best bodies of all time grew around 9-12 sets per bodypart.

8 ) Train whatever muscle you want to grow first, regardless of size. If it’s calves then do them first.

9) Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re spending too much time in the gym or eating good. They suck.

10) When I was 10, all I wanted to look like was a pro wrestler, Arnold or Big Louie. It was my passion then and it’s my passion now.


11) I remember when you went to the vitamin store. It’s a shame that it has to be called a nutrition store now.

12) I still wish Muscle Media was the way it was back around ’98.

13) The coolest thing in the world is the pump that you get in your arms when you train them with higher reps.

14)If you want your legs to grow, try a giant set of three or more exercises in a row.

15) The more water you drink during training the better your joints will feel after the workout.

16) Bent over dumbbell rows are so under-rated in terms of being a back mass builder.

17) Is there anything better for your body then chin-ups or deadlifts?

18) Don’t buy any bodybuilding training guides that are half dating books. Buy ones that will teach you how to get the body you want.


19) The bigger my forearms get the bigger my arms get.

20) Having wide shoulder is good yet you can do it without shoulder pressing.

21) Don’t believe what anyone tells you, the guy that get big just by doing push-ups, chin-ups and dips have great genetics.

22) You need to stretch to add size but you don’t have to stretch all the time.

23) The leg press might not replace the squat but it’s damn close.

24) Most commercial gym bench presses stink.

25) I still don’t understand why people do concentration curls.

26) Abs are like any other muscle, give them time to rest but train them hard.

27) Quit whining that you can’t gain muscle. Are you eating enough?  Are you training consistently?


28) Beans, rice and chicken is good enough for Ronnie Coleman. Why aren’t you eating them?

29) The reps and sets don’t matter as much as we think. Just train hard.

30) The more sprinting you do the more muscle you’ll build.

31) Screw people that say you shouldn’t train bodypart, 93% of them will never look good anyway.

So that’s more or less what came up in our little talk the other day. One of the guy I was talking with squats 405 for 4 reps and front squats 275 for 3 reps. He’s 18. Another one just loves bodybuilding and the last one just wanted to be shredded for the girls. My point, stop worrying about the bodybuilding training guides that tell you A-Z how to do things. Get out and experiment.

Have anything you want to add? Leave a comment.

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