Chest Training Secrets Exposed

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Have you ever wondered why no matter how many different chest training methods that you’ve tried over the years, you’re still left with a small chest?

The answer may surprise you. In fact, you’ll probably want to hit your head against in the wall because it’s something so simple that you have glossed over for all of these years. Listen, I could never build my chest no matter what chest training methods I tried, it got to the point that I was better off staying at home watching the Yankees then going to the gym to train my chest.


I bet you can name them off…

The “all flyes” routine

The “nothing but dumbbell” workout

The “squeeze and contract” method

Eccentrics, Isometrics etc etc.

I tried them all and it left me with a chest so small that it looked like a deflated balloon. So I was filming some chest training videos and when I went back to edit them I noticed something. My shoulders were dipping in and my chest was caving in on every rep of a flat dumbbell chest press. Literally, my shoulders were dropping.

Ever wonder why at the end of a chest training workout you end up saying ” I feel it more in my shoulders”? Well there you go. It’s seriously so simple that I kicked myself for not knowing it. Here’s what you do.

Simply put, the problem happens when you let your shoulders roll forward at the bottom of the chest press movement. It’s the culprit 100% of the time with trainee’s of all types of experience levels. So here’s how to fix it.

Begin by either lying on a flat bench or a swiss ball, either will work.Make sure that your low back and butt is OFF the bench. Take a light pair of dumbbells and lower them. As you are lowering them, drop your butt and low back while raising your ribcage to the ceiling (slightly arch your back) and hold the dumbbells on the bottom position. As this point your should be really feeling your chest. If not, force your shoulder blades together and make sure that your low back and butt is dropped. You’ll feel nothing but a deep stretch in your pecs at this point.

Seriously, next chest training session try it on a swiss ball first.

So now how did I have such a kick-butt workout after I learned this trick.

First, I started out with some incline barbell pressing. I maintained this posture throughout my sets (it gets hard to do when you do anything over 70-80 pounds with dumbbells, just practice before you try t) and my chest was on fire. I literally felt like I had taken some of those pump products (not a fan) but I didn’t. I’m starting to notice that Franco Columbo shredded line across my upper chest. That’s cool plus I added 8 pounds to my one rep max and didn’t feel a thing in my shoulders.


From there I went over to flat dumbbell presses and did the exact same thing. Worked like a charm and at this point  I actually increased my strength and was able to bust out some high rep work with the 105’s.


I finished up with four sets of dips. Now don’t be fooled, people tell you that there’s no difference between chest and triceps dips but that’s b.s. When your doing hardcore chest training the last thing that you want to do is maintain a upright posture. You must angle your body in like the picture shows to really hammer your chest. Again, keep your shoulders back the whole time.

I felt so good that it was time to bust out a set of super high rep flat dumbbell flyes. Here’s another insider secret.


Always, finish your workout with flyes since they allow you to get a deep stretch that will expand your fascia( connective tissue that limits muscle growth). All you do is hold the bottom of the fly for about five seconds, it really works great. Essentially, you’re doing what is known as “loaded stretching”, this type of training causes the fasica, which envelopes the muscle, to expand and allows the chest muscle to get more blood, which increases growth.  It’s the same reason that Arnold finished his chest workout that way. A deep stretch will lead to more growth faster.

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