Dennis Wolf Shoulder Workout For The New York Pro 2010

After finishing out of the top sixteen at the 2009 Mr.Olympia, Dennis Wolf, once hailed as a future Mr.Olmypia, had to go back to square one. That journey culminates at the 2010 New York Pro.

So what did Dennis do to change his physique? He has a ton of mass and is always one of the biggest competitors on stage but being the biggest doesn’t win you a bodybuilding show.

There’s a lot of pressure on Dennis right now. He needs this win.

Dennis has gone back to the Heavy Duty, one maximum set to failure with a few warm up sets prior to that, like six time Mr.Olympia Dorian Yates has once used. This is not very dissimilar to DoggCrapp Training. Dennis feels that his muscles are rounder and that he feels and looks different.

Heavy Duty training is aimed to get the most amount of stimulation with a minimal amount of work.

Here’s what Dennis Wolf’s Shoulder Workout For The 2010 New York Pro looked like.

He started with a set of seated smith machine shoulder presses for one maximum set.

The second shoulder exercise in his workout was a seated hammer strength press for another maximum set.

The third exercise in the Dennis Wolf shoulder workout was dumbbell side laterals followed by a set of cable side raises. Again,both done for one set.

Dennis Wolf finished out with two rear delt movements. Both on a hammer strength machine.

They kept it simple, heavy movements to fully exhaust the muscle in a short period of time. Get the hint?

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