Dramatic Physique Transformation:Brian Turner

I came across a thread on bodybuilding.com by this guy name Brian Turner. He demanded the attention of those that followed him for the dramatic physique transformation that he made. Let’s get into his diet and training.

Q: How did you get into bodybuilding? What keeps you motivated?

My name is Brian Turner, I’m 18 and was born on September 23, 1992 in San Diego, California.  I’m an ACE certified personal trainer at an LA Fitness gym, which is the same gym I work out at.  I’ve always been an athlete, starting in soccer when I was 5, I played in a club team at a premiere level until the age of 16.  I started my training as a bodybuilder when I was 16, at the beginning of my junior year at 135lbs.  I began because I wanted to be bigger and stronger than my brother, and I was tired of hearing comments about how “skinny” I was.  I rolled in more information as I progressed through training, reading articles and books, and as such my training became more advanced.
What keeps me motivated is motivational people and comments from them, for example when a guy comes up to me at the gym and says, “What do you do for your front delts, man?” or when a girl grabs a phone out of my friends hand while I’m talking to him and says, “Hey your that Brian guy right?  You have such a hot body!”  Things like that keep me motivated to get even better at my trade, also I want to compete next year so I must continue to enlarge my muscles, sculpt them, and become more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Q: What do you feel your best bodyparts are? Care to share any training tips?

Chest, because there’s nothing more invigorating than hitting your chest perfectly, and having your chest pumped up 1-2 inches larger than usual.  A tip for chest would be remember that your pectoral muscles are attaching at the top of your humerus ( upper arm ) bone and are attaching on the other end on your sternum, the point of your pectoral muscles is to bring your shoulder into the midline of your chest.  Use that fact to slightly modify your lifts and lifting patterns to hit your chest more than your anterior deltoid.

Legs, because there’s nothing more badass then putting 330 lbs. on your back and squatting 6 times with it on your back, all the while the bar is bending and bouncing from the sheer bone crushing weight.  A tip I would give for legs is to vary up your rep range, for a few weeks do a 6 rep heavier scheme, but then switch it up a 12 rep range with medium weight, or if your ready for extreme fatigue do 15-20 reps.
Your legs have much larger muscles and more fibers to cause microtrauma than any other muscles in your body.
Also remember not to neglect your hamstrings its very easy to become quad dominant, which can effect your posture, and also will make you look out of proportion if you compete.

Shoulders, because the larger your shoulders are the more broad you look and the more broad you look the bigger your whole torso looks.  Note that most overhead presses are using your front deltoid dominantly and not your middle deltoid.
If you neglect to hit your middle deltoid as much as your front deltoid you will have larger fronts and smaller middle deltoids, which will look odd.
Middle deltoid and posterior deltoid heads are what give your shoulder that full large ball shaped look which is extremely impressive looking if keep tin proportion which each other.
Be very wary of rotator cuff pain because when your hand reaches over your head your supraspinatus ( rotator cuff muscle that connects from your scapula/shoulder blade to your humerus/shoulder bone ) is impinged or pinched between your humerus and the end of your clavicle bone.  If this repeats and irritates the muscle it becomes inflamed, if more stress is continued it can easily tear the muscle leaving you unable to work out for a while until healed.

Q:How do you put on noticeable size yet stay lean?

I actually did not stay lean for the first year of my training, I went from somewhere around 7% to 12-13% bodyfat by the end of my first bulk, while putting on a good amount of muscle.  I then cut about 15lbs and was back at 7% but with a noticeably larger amount of muscle than before.  I eat extremely clean foods and I have a surplus of around 400-600 calories over my maintenance.

This allows me to put on the most amount of muscle as possible while allowing me to limit the amount of fat added at the same time.  Once I get to 11-12% bodyfat I’ll take a month or two to cut back to 7-8% bodyfat.

Q:What has been the most frustrating area for you to train? How have you approached it to bust through your plateau?

The most frustrating area for me would probably be my legs on account that I am 6’1 and therefore have much longer bones/muscles than most people.  So while my shorter friends were getting bulky legs my legs weren’t looking as impressive.  To bring me legs up I put a heavy compound lift for my legs ( squats, lunges, box squats, leg press ) and then I do isolation exercises with more reps to hit each individual muscle ( quads, hams, calves ).  To bust through plateaus I must first identify the reason why I’m having trouble progressing.  If it’s because I haven’t given myself a rest week, and my CNS needs time to recuperate ( every 3-4 months ) then I’ll take a week off.

If it’s not that then it is either a psychological barrier or my body has adapted to doing the same exercise and is no longer progressing.  I will either convince myself that the weight I’m attempting is possible and it is only my mind stopping me from it, or if needed I will switch the exercise for a different one ( which I do every 5-6 weeks ).

Q:What’s the best piece of advice that you can give people that have trouble losing lower ab fat?

You cannot lose spot-fat you lose bodyfat as a whole.  Decrease your calories until you are 200-400 calories under your maintenance and you will lose weight.  Your genetics determine where your body stores fat and in what order.  So say your body stores fat in your stomach, then your legs, then your arms when you lose that fat it will be lost from your arms, then your legs, then your stomach.  Give it time and stay consistent.  To make your lower abs pop out you can work them separately from your normal ab workout to add thickness ( which is what I do ).  Here is an example video of what I do for my abs 


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