Frank Zane’s Muscle Building Diet

Known as one of the greatest physique ever, Frank Zane was a small man in a sport filled with giants. He needed to make impressive size gains while keeping his frame small and tight. How did he do it?

What was Frank Zane’s muscle building diet?

In his own words…

“Most bodybuilders, especially competitors, are extremists, who bulk up during the Winter (many of them gain as much as 70 or 80 pounds above their competitive bodyweight) and then lose it all back for their contest the following year. I’ve fallen into this trap several times. In Winter 1965 while living in New Jersey I bulked up to 220 pounds: my thighs increased to 28 inches and my waist to 38 inches, while my arms and chest only grew a fraction of an inch. It took me a whole year to get in shape again and by summer 1966 I was weighing my original 190 pounds. I learned that to make long term progress, my best strategy was not to gain more than 5% of my competitive bodyweight and to spend the Winter working my weak points, recuperating, keeping a trim waistline, cross-training, staying on a reasonable diet and not bulking up. Gaining just a few pounds of muscle in the right places every year looks really impressive.”

-Frank Zane

You heard it from Frank. Now use the same diet that will keep you leaning while adding five pounds of new muscle onto your frame. The Muscle Diet was designed to cause a metabolic shift that allows you to store calories in your muscle so you get bigger while staying lean.

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