Ginger Eases Muscle Pain By Up To 25 Percent!

For years people have used ginger as a herbal supplement and in their cooking because of its excellent taste. It’s also used in ginger ale, which is common amongst sick people due to the fact that ginger settles the stomach. Now new recent shows that ginger eases muscle pain by up to 25 percent!

Two groups, one of 34 people and one of 40 people, were given two grams of either raw or heated ginger or a placebo.

Subjects were asked to to perform heavy resistance strength training exercise on the 8th day.

The studies showed that the raw ginger group, not the heated, displayed upwards of 25% reduced muscle pain and soreness.

So what ginger product do I like and trust?

I love Solray’s Ginger Root. It’s tested for purity so you know that you’ll get ginger that your body can use and absorb. Click here for more information.

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